Bulldogs Continue To Lead Georgia Diving Shootout

ATHENS, Ga. January 5, THE Georgia men’s and women’s diving teams continued to reap success on Day Two of the 2004 Georgia Diving Invitational at Gabrielsen Natatorium Sunday. One Bulldog earned an event title, while three divers reached the finals of their respective events.

The evening session featured the fourth-annual Bulldog Shootout, in which the top six divers from the men’s 1-meter finals return in the evening for a five-round elimination contest. Each diver performs one dive, and the participant with the lowest score is “shot out” of the competition.

In the fifth round, Georgia freshman Chris Colwill and Steven Segerlin of Auburn needed an extra dive to determine the Bulldog Shootout winner, as both divers scored a 54.00 in the final round. In the dive-off, Colwill bettered his mark to 58.50 to become the first Bulldog to win the fan-friendly event.

“Chris really did a great job today,” said Georgia head diving coach Dan Laak. “The Shootout is always fun, and I was real excited about him getting to the final two. Since we needed a dive-off, that just extended the drama. It is great to have the first Shootout winner in the four years we have been doing this event.”

Colwill earned a spot in the evening shootout by finishing fifth in the men’s 1-meter final earlier in the day with an overall score of 312.60.Junior Todd Avery just missed a spot in the elimination contest, as he placed eighth with a score of 279.80 in the finals. Freshman Genya Gouveez took 21st with 217.10. Jevon Tarantino of Tennessee won the1-meter title with a score of 360.15.

One Lady Bulldog reached the women’s 3-meter finals, as freshman Emily Hunter amassed an overall score of 425.60 to finish in 11th place. Junior Brooke Bassham posted a score of 405.40 in the prelims to finish13th, just one spot away from reaching the finals. Fellow newcomers Sara Hershman (354.70) and Karen Dierks (319.50) finished 20th and 25th,respectively. Senior Laura Trkovsky took 30th with an overall score of259.45. Carrie McCambridge of Purdue took top honors in the 3-meterevent with a final score of 536.70.

“I thought Emily dove really well today,” added Laak. “She did what she had to do in the prelims to reach the finals. I think she was a little tired this evening, but in this competition, to be fifth in the prelims is a real accomplishment.”

Tennessee Junior Lauryn McCalley (Moultrie, Ga.) opened up the day successfully by capturing the preliminary crown with a 285.05. Freshman Brittany Fulmer (Maryville, Tenn.) took 22nd in prelims with a 188.75, while senior Kylee Wells (Russiaville, Ind.) finished in 24th with a 182.65. McCalley then returned in the 1m shootout, which is an elimination knock-out challenge between the top six divers of the event, to outlast Purdue’s Carrie McCambridge in the final round of the shootout.

“I am happy with Lauryn’s performance,” Vols Coach Parrington said. “I am also happy with Brittany’s diving. She showed some positive things. Kylee struggled today, but we should get her back on track tomorrow. Overall, it was a good win for Lauryn and a lot of exciting competition.”

College Sports Television (CSTV) is on hand at the weekend event and will produce two shows to highlight this year’s Georgia Diving Invitational. The first show will air at 9 p.m. on Jan. 15, while the second segment will air Jan. 20 at 8 p.m. The two shows will air a combined 23 times between Jan. 15 and Feb. 9. Check out CSTV’s website at www.cstv.com/tvschedule.htm for a complete listing of dates and times.

The event is arguably a preview to the upcoming NCAA Championships, as some of the top divers in the country convene in Athens for this weekend’s competition. The Georgia Diving Invitational will conclude Monday morning with platform diving beginning at 11 a.m. Admission is free.

Day Two Results:

Women’s 3-meter
Diver, School Prelims Semifinals (Vols) Finals
1. Carrie McCambridge, Purdue University 492.05 205.50 536.70
2. Lauryn McCalley, University of Tennessee 482.15 200.70 531.75
3. Ashley Rubenstein, Auburn University 454.10 184.15 503.50
4. Alison Riccobono, Penn State University 480.35 185.40 498.95
5. Paige Thompson, UCLA 525.20 195.65 472.15
6. Alyson Carlyon, Louisiana State University 426.95 175.45 436.35
7. Amanda Blong, UCLA 416.80 171.60 433.00
8. Lisa Silvestri, Penn State University 461.55 162.10 431.30
9. Sara Clark, UCLA 421.15 168.60 430.80
10. Maggie O'Brien, Penn State University 426.75 177.65 428.35
11. Emily Hunter, University of Georgia 465.65 181.50 425.60
12. Bethany Jensen, Purdue University 407.00 165.40 378.95

13. Brooke Bassham, University of Georgia 405.40
14. Kylee Wells, University of Tennessee 399.20
15. Lynnsey Segraves, Auburn University 389.65
16. Rachel Korth, Auburn University 386.50
17. Janine Strack, UCLA 385.55
18. Amanda Miller, Purdue University 379.90
19. Hali Saucier, Louisiana State University 358.20
20. Sara Hershman, University of Georgia 354.70
21. Corey Pagnotta, Penn State University 352.75
22. Jess Watke, Clemson University 348.00
23. Katie Prior, University of Virginia 343.35
24. Brittany Fulmer, University of Tennessee 336.75
25. Karen Dierks, University of Georgia 319.50
26. Marianne Bradford, University of Louisville 310.45
27. Gretchen Haughey, University of Virginia 285.35
28. Amber Kerns, Purdue University 283.70
29. Jen Miata, Clemson University 272.30
30. Laura Trkovsky, University of Georgia 259.45
31. Patty Park, University of Virginia 252.80

Men’s 1-meter:
Diver, School Prelims Finals
1. Jevon Tarantino, University of Tennessee 301.90 360.15
2. Phillip Jones, University of Tennessee 319.80 354.60
3. Steven Segerlin, Auburn University 333.05 342.55
4. Caeser Garcia, Auburn University 319.70 320.10
5. Chris Colwill, University of Georgia 320.40 312.60
6. Matt Bricker, Auburn University 290.50 311.20
7. Mike Alderman, Penn State University 289.00 281.25
8. Todd Avery, University of Georgia 291.00 279.80
9. Andrew Sivulka, Auburn University 282.15 277.85
10. Anthony Perry, Drexel University 270.20 267.15
11. Steven Lobue, Purdue University 299.00 256.20
12. Adam Pierce, Penn State University 261.95 247.05

13. Andrew Barber, University of Virginia 261.80
14. Andrew Keane, Louisiana State University 213.90
15. Andy Crum, Louisiana State University 183.90
16. Bob Hennessy, Purdue University 175.55
17. Clayton Davis, Purdue University 228.55
18. David Hanisch, Purdue University 252.25
19. Eric Kelley, University of Virginia 249.75
20. Eric Shulick, Clemson University 259.90
21. Genya Gouveez, University of Georgia 217.10
22. J.R. Hillis, Purdue University 234.35
23. John Venditti, University of Tennessee 216.85
24. Josh Karshen, Purdue University 298.45
25. Marc Gastaldo, Penn State University 259.95
26. Marsh Lindley, Clemson University 202.95
27. Pete Amstutz, University of Virginia 229.95
28. Sean Wilkinson, University of Louisville 256.85
29. Adam Pierce, Louisiana State University 226.50

Men’s 1-meter Bulldog Shootout
Diver Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5*
1. Chris Colwill, Georgia 64.50 64.50 55.90 51.15 54.00 (58.50)
2. Steven Segerlin, Auburn 54.60 71.30 31.50 54.60 54.00 (54.00)
3. Matt Bricker, Auburn 69.75 61.50 30.00 45.50
4. Phillip Jones, Tennessee 52.90 59.80 24.00
5. Jevon Tarantino, Tennessee 52.80 58.50
6. Caeser Garcia, Auburn 43.40
*score in parentheses () indicates dive-off score

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