Bearing Hungary’s Opening Ceremony Flag: Honor or Curse?

LONDON, July 18. IS bearing Hungary's flag at the London Opening Ceremonies putting three-time Olympic water polo champion Peter Biros at risk? Biros may be putting his team's gold-medal contention on the chopping block if he catches Hungary's flag bearer curse.

On July 27, Biros will lead Hungary's Olympic procession, bearing his NOC's flag. Hungary is hoping to win their fourth consecutive Water Polo gold in London, becoming the first NOC to achieve this feat. Unfortunately for Biros, bestowing him with this honor may actually be a negative.

Of the slew of Hungarian athletes awarded the role that were favorites for their respective titles, all have failed to triumph except one.

“I wasn't aware of this so-called curse when I was asked by the NOC,” said Biros. “However, I'm not going to London just to carry the flag. It's a great honor, but that's all. For me, the Olympics is not about marching at the Opening Ceremony, it's about playing water polo and winning the title again. If we do it, that will happen because of our team efforts. If not, it will have nothing to do with that curse. I'm not superstitious, I believe in working hard and giving our utmost. We'll see if it's enough for another gold medal.”

Jozsef Csermak is the only Hungarian favorite to kick the curse when, after leading their Opening Ceremony contingent in London 1948, he went on to win the hammer-throwing event.

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