BBC Reports Swansea, Stirling Elite Swimming Centers Under Fire

SWANSEA/STIRLING, United Kingdom, September 4. TODAY, the BBC reported that British Swimming may yank “International Training Center” status from its Swansea and Stirling locations after a huge budget cut following the 2012 London Olympics.

Following the 2012 Olympiad, British Swimming sustained a 4 million pound funding cut after winning just three of five target medals according to the BBC.

“What we’ll see is a different type of investment,” British Swimming performance director Chris Spice told the BBC. “We are certain that Loughborough and Bath will remain the same. What we’ll absolutely be doing is still investing [in Wales and Scotland]. It’s just at what level and it may not be in one center.”

British Swimming already cut the Stockport ITC location in February, and could whittle their total down to two in Loughborough and Bath. Stirling and Swansea, which host top British swimmers Jazmin Carlin, Jemma Lowe and Georgia Davies, could still lose funding.

The BBC also reports that Swansea lost one of its biggest medal producers in Paralympian Ellie Simmonds, who moved to Loughborough in July.

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