ASCA Schools Weekend

Friday 2/22
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Level 2 — The Stroke School — $75
The construction and correction of Swimming strokes, starts and turns
instructors: John Leonard and Guy Edson

Saturday 2/23
8:00 a.m. — Noon
Level 4 — The Leadership School — $60
Every coach is a leader instructor: John Leonard
How to Write Workouts — $60
instructor: Guy Edson

1:00 — 5:00 p.m.
Selling the Sport to Athletes and Their Parents — $60
How to be a great salesperson for our sport… a vital skill for all coaches
instructor: John Leonard
Dryland Training for Age Group Swimmers — $60 instructor: Guy Edson

Sunday 2/24
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Level 3 — The Physiology School — $75
The planning and execution of training instructors: John Leonard and Guy Edson

Register for “All Four” (Level 2 on Friday, a class Saturday a.m., a class Saturday p.m., and Level 3 on Sunday) — $200



DoubleTree Memphis Downtown, 185 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103. Tel: (901) 528-1800


Course descriptions…

Level 2 — The Stroke School: ASCA's most popular course, the Stroke School covers both what world-class swimming looks like today, what the developmental history of that stroke is, and how to teach novice swimmers to swim those strokes. We also cover all starts and all turns. The course is “video intensive” so you get both race and practice pool looks at each stroke in-depth.

Level 3 — The Physiology School: ASCA's second most popular course, this day-long program starts with the basic principles of training for all ages, and then branches out to specifically cover developing practices and training plans for age group swimmers, teenage swimmers, seasonal high-school-only swimmers, and older, more elite swimmers. We also discuss how to conduct training, once you have designed the program.

Level 4 — The Leadership School: Every coach, by virtue of their role as a coach, has leadership responsibilities; leadership is a learned and earned skill. This course takes you step-by-step through the process of developing your leadership skills and provides specific and relevant “tools” to use in your daily leadership of your athletes, as well as expanding your leadership role with your club, your LSC and outwards into the world. Every coach needs to learn to lead, from the coach of beginners to the Head Coach of each club.

How to Write Workouts: In addition to teaching strokes, starts and turns, all parents expect the coach to be able to provide proven and well planned training sessions for athletes of all ages and skill levels. This course takes a step by step approach to teaching you how to do that, with the basic key of “planning by objectives.”

Selling the Sport to Athletes and Their Parents: The primary success tool of every coach is the ability to sell their ideas. The primary point of contact for new parents and athletes in every club, is the newest, most novice coach in the club pyramid. The Success of the club is dependent on how well that coach can “sell the sport” to parents and to athletes. Scary? It should be! This new ASCA course provides the toolbox and skill sets to allow each and every coach to become an effective salesperson for our sport and for your club. The course focuses on very practical, real-world swimming situations and how to address them with success.

Dryland Training for Age Group Swimmers: Most every swim club has a “dryland program” in part to replace missing Physical Education courses in the school system. Swimmers come to us more “unfit” than ever. Knowing how to build better athletes from ages 6 and up is a new vital skill for all swim coaches. This course focuses on what to do and how to do it, for the younger swimmers (14 and under) in our programs, so that by the time they are teenagers, they are more fit and more prepared to succeed in your program.


About the instructors…

John Leonard: As the Executive Director of the ASCA since 1985, John Leonard has been involved with American Swimming in roles ranging from Chair of USA Swimming's Steering Committee (for the Olympic and National teams), to leading the nation's largest set of swim schools in SwimAmerica. Now in his 42nd year of coaching, today John continues to coach his own age group team, SwimFast, in South Florida. He is ASCA Level 5 certified.

Guy Edson: Guy is a Level 5 Age Group Coach and staff member at ASCA since 1988. His favorite role at ASCA is bringing courses to developmental, age group, high school, and senior team coaches–a role that has given him the opportunity to teach courses to many thousands of coaches over his 20+ years at ASCA. He takes special care to present the material in easy-to-understand terms and endeavors to give coaches practical tools they can put to work in their very next workout. Guy is also a part-time coach working with a local swim team; currently coaching age group and senior swimmers ranging from developmental to advanced. He does this to keep his teaching skills sharp; to stay close to the day to day concerns of athletes, parents, and coaches; to constantly gather knowledge and experiences to share with you; and to have fun!

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