American Water Polo Coaches Association Announces 2002-2003 All-Academic Team

NORRISTOWN, Penn., June 18. THE American Water Polo Coaches Association has released the 2002-2003 Women's All-Academic Team.

The athletes represent achievement on three levels: Excellent 3.20-3.40, Superior 3.41-3.70, and Outstanding 3.71-4.0, while the Team Honors represent those institutions whose combined team GPA is over 2.75.

Leading the list with perfect academic records were Lauren McGeoch, Brown University; Megan Ingram, Iona College; Vanja Bokun, Salem International University; and Jennifer Zuzack, Slippery Rock University.

American Water Polo Coaches Association Team Honors:
Macalester College, 3.57
Chapman University, 3.49
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges, 3.39
Utica College, 3.39
Brown University, 3.35
George Washington University, 3.35
Harvard University, 3.35
Connecticut College, 3.33
Iona College, 3.29
Hartwick College, 3.26
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges, 3.25
California State University, Hayward, 3.23
University of California, Santa Cruz, 3.23
University of Redlands, 3.23
Penn State Behrend College, 3.21
University of California, San Diego, 3.21
Villanova University, 3.20
Princeton University, 3.20
Washington & Jefferson College, 3.18
Bucknell University, 3.17
Occidental College, 3.16
Santa Clara University, 3.16
Stanford University, 3.15
California Baptist University, 3.14
Whittier College, 3.14
University of Hawaii, 3.13
Salem International University, 3.11
Slippery Rock University, 3.11
Loyola Marymount University, 3.08
California State University, Northridge, 3.05
Arizona State University, 3.01
Grove City College, 2.99
University of California, Berkeley, 2.93
University of Michigan, 2.93
University of California, Los Angeles, 2.85
University of California, Davis, 2.83
Mercyhurst College, 2.83
University of California, Irvine, 2.79
San Diego State University, 2.77

American Water Polo Coaches Association
Women's All-Academic Team, 2002-2003

OUTSTANDING – 3.71-4.00
Lauren McGeoch Brown University 4.00
Megan Ingram Iona College 4.00
Vanja Bokun Salem International University 4.00
Jennifer Zuzack Slippery Rock University 4.00
Christina Lyon Chapman University 3.96
Teri Bartel Chapman University 3.94
Jody Martinovich Chapman University 3.93
Jennifer Shoemaker Iona College 3.91
Lauren Bundy University of California, Santa Cruz 3.91
Heather Rempfer Arizona State University 3.90
Kate Larson Macalester College 3.90
Rachael Kleidon University of California, San Diego 3.90
Michele Falkner Harvard University 3.87
Marta Kuzmanovic Salem International University 3.86
Abigail Sakowski Grove City College 3.84
Stacie Peterson Loyola Marymount University 3.84
Deidre Sandrock Washington & Jefferson College 3.82
Laura Scott San Jose State University 3.81
Erin Miller University of California, Santa Barbara 3.81
Lauren Scott Hartwick College 3.81
Emily Seagrave Hartwick College 3.80
Fiona Dunbar Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.80
Jennifer Rosick Villanova University 3.80
Michelle Anderson Wheaton College 3.80
Erica Bonetti California State University, Northridge 3.79
Taryn Harp California State University, San Bernardino 3.79
Jamie Fullen Wagner College 3.79
Heidi Wendt Brown University 3.78
Jennifer Bicknell Chapman University 3.78
Christin Dixon Salem International University 3.77
Kristina Eich Chapman University 3.75
Juli Marhefka George Washington University 3.73
Lucia Schmit Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.73
Lynn Boutin Slippery Rock University 3.72
Tarrin Petersen Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.71
Catherine Servant Connecticut College 3.71
Tammy Hamsher Grove City College 3.71
Delia Sonda University of Michigan 3.71

American Water Polo Coaches Association
Women's All-Academic Team, 2002-2003

SUPERIOR – 3.41-3.70
Kristin Hardman Hartwick College 3.70
Laura Besmer University of the Pacific 3.70
Beth Azuma Macalester College 3.69
Casey Bartlett Slippery Rock University 3.68
Maria Placht Connecticut College 3.68
Sara Kramer Wagner College 3.68
Kate Chambers Hartwick College 3.67
Mary Crowley Connecticut College 3.67
Jessica Fay University of California, Santa Barbara 3.67
Cristina Codini Harvard University 3.67
Emma Hansen Macalester College 3.66
Andrea Cornford University of California, San Diego 3.66
Kristine Robinson Occidental College 3.65
Melissa Fernandez University of California, Irvine 3.65
Amy Heinemann George Washington University 3.64
Stephanie Stewart Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.64
Sarah Howell University of California, Berkeley 3.64
Kelsey Schwilling Utica College 3.64
Meghan Prober Harvard University 3.63
Sarah Yokubaitis Wagner College 3.63
Lindsey Murillo Arizona State University 3.63
Angie Hunter California Baptist University 3.63
Kaitlin Kelley Iona College 3.63
Kimberly Currie Arizona State University 3.62
Toby Branz Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.62
Samara Silverman University of California, San Diego 3.62
Megan Eldredge California Baptist University 3.61
Lisa Lendway Macalester College 3.61
Cristina Martinez University of California, Santa Cruz 3.61
Jamie Relth Brown University 3.60
Sylvia Chen Connecticut College 3.60
Lindsey O'Farriell Loyola Marymount University 3.60
Whitney Benz Occidental College 3.60
Monica DeRosier San Diego State University 3.60
Aimee Corsiglia Villanova University 3.60
Laura Holshouser California Baptist University 3.59
Lauren Packer Penn State Behrend College 3.59
Cody Keffer Bucknell University 3.58
Shannon Carroll University of Hawaii 3.58
Elizabeth Derse Stanford University 3.57
Lauren Jacobson Arizona State University 3.56
Johanna Moore Macalester College 3.56
Adele McCarthy-Beauvais Princeton University 3.56
Anne Ginotti Santa Clara University 3.56
Melissa Duncan University of California, Davis 3.56
Katy Kunkel University of California, Santa Barbara 3.56
Danielle Lujan Whittier College 3.56
Katrina Fielding Iona College 3.55
Tara Braden Penn State Behrend College 3.55
Lisa Bartels Connecticut College 3.54
Lara Kruska Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.54
Stephanie Frias Harvard University 3.54
Bethany Bartlett California Baptist University 3.53
Jenna Reinstein California State University, Hayward 3.53
Kiersten Johnson George Washington University 3.53
Blair Hendeson Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.53
Becky Sensney San Diego State University 3.53
Lisa Sobocinski Slippery Rock University 3.52
Larissa Brown Bucknell University 3.52
Cara Chlebicki University of California, Berkeley 3.52
Corinne Flowers University of Redlands 3.51
Ann Townsend Macalester College 3.51
Diane Dewey Harvard University 3.50
Stephanie Lee Harvard University 3.50
Faith Campbell Penn State Behrend College 3.50
Joy Haviland Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.50
Michelle Carey University of California, Irvine 3.50
Chesed Ceniseroz Villanova University 3.50
Kim Johnson California State University, Hayward 3.49
Kelley Mays Santa Clara University 3.49
Audrey Taylor Washington & Jefferson College 3.49
Carly Strub Hartwick College 3.49
Jamie Binder Wagner College 3.49
Jamie Kroeze Loyola Marymount University 3.48
Wendi Jackson Washington & Jefferson College 3.48
Leslie Pettinelli Whittier College 3.48
Lizzy Ryan University of California, Santa Cruz 3.47
Amanda Rucker California Baptist University 3.46
Elizabeth Marquez California State University, Bakersfield 3.46
Lindsay Norcott Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.46
Lauree Ricketson Saint Francis College 3.46
Lauren Faust Stanford University 3.46
Kendall Webster University of California, Santa Cruz 3.46
Tracy Anderson University of Hawaii 3.46
Camille Clarendon California State University, San Bernardino 3.45
Nicole Sloane Chapman University 3.45
Danielle Rearick Penn State Behrend College 3.45
Meghan O'Donnell University of California, Irvine 3.45
Tiana Peterson Harvard University 3.45
Jessica Fell California State University, Hayward 3.44
Agniezska Kanska Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.44
Kathryn Whitchurch Occidental College 3.44
Jackie Frank Stanford University 3.44
Kim Cieslik Washington & Jefferson College 3.44
Alice Penney University of Redlands 3.44
Victoria Barbata Brown University 3.43
Lauren Tully Connecticut College 3.43
Taraneh Bastani George Washington University 3.43
Elaine Cardenas Iona College 3.43
Hayley Campbell Macalester College 3.43
Amber Lumb University of Hawaii 3.43
Keira Heggie Brown University 3.42
Maria DeRiggi Brown University 3.42
Annie Richardson Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.42
Ashley Pyka George Washington University 3.42
Antoinette Fimowicz Occidental College 3.42
Jennifer Edwards Princeton University 3.42
Katelyn Schlactus San Diego State University 3.42
Cameron Kliner University of California, Berkeley 3.42
Arin Keyser Harvard University 3.42
Kristina Kunkel University of California, Los Angeles 3.41
Tessa Wyborny Arizona State University 3.41
Julie Williams Brown University 3.41
Bridget Boyle Washington & Jefferson College 3.41
Sarah Denny Washington & Jefferson College 3.41

American Water Polo Coaches Association
Women's All-Academic Team, 2002-2003

EXCELLENT – 3.20-3.41
Robin Beauregard University of California, Los Angeles 3.40
Megan Jimenez Iona College 3.40
Megan Donahue Princeton University 3.40
Anne-Lise Maag Princeton University 3.40
Kristin Moore San Diego State University 3.40
Scotti Shafer Stanford University 3.40
Jessica Wong University of California, San Diego 3.40
Kimberley Pare Villanova University 3.40
Rebecca Dimoff Hartwick College 3.40
Jacqueline Hanisits California State University, Bakersfield 3.39
Alicia Ventresca Utica College 3.39
Kimberly Adams Slippery Rock University 3.39
Melissa Iagulli Brown University 3.38
Kelly Hofstetter Bucknell University 3.38
Teresa Codini Harvard University 3.38
Bethanne Mleczko Occidental College 3.38
Nichole Lipman San Jose State University 3.38
Melissa Agee University of California, Davis 3.38
Margaret Feeney University of California, Irvine 3.38
Elizabeth Keesey University of California, San Diego 3.38
Makana Whitford University of Hawaii 3.38
April Jolley University of Redlands 3.38
Jessica Powers Wagner College 3.38
Catherine Kohs California State University, Hayward 3.37
Jennifer Nelson California State University, Bakersfield 3.36
Aimee Bryers Iona College 3.36
Erin Troester Penn State Behrend College 3.36
Lauren Moore Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.36
Cesarae Dimino Salem International University 3.36
Erica Wilson Stanford University 3.36
Lauren Dennis University of California, Berkeley 3.36
Laura Graham University of California, Berkeley 3.36
Mollie Nadler Slippery Rock University 3.35
Eileen Ketterer Bucknell University 3.35
Alexandra Dalmau Santa Clara University 3.35
Danielle Bourret University of California, San Diego 3.35
Carrie Guilfoyle University of California, Santa Cruz 3.35
Holly Curran California Baptist University 3.34
Leah Wilson University of California, Los Angeles 3.33
Marci Myer Chapman University 3.33
Tevis Rybin University of California, Santa Cruz 3.33
Christy Schori California Baptist University 3.32
Shannon Kelley Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.32
Elisabeth Schweitzer George Washington University 3.32
Heather Lendway Macalester College 3.32
Allison Johnstone University of California, Davis 3.32
Lindsey Grossman University of California, San Diego 3.32
Emily Pelino University of Michigan 3.32
Julie Nisbet University of Michigan 3.32
Megan Hausmann University of Michigan 3.32
Lindsay Chesterfield Bucknell University 3.31
Maya Munoz Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.31
Courtney Devenish University of California, Berkeley 3.31
Alison Loveless Hartwick College 3.31
Ashely Orzalli Arizona State University 3.30
Allison Sloane Chapman University 3.30
Tracy Winters Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.30
Missy Leutz Connecticut College 3.30
Jelena Maljkovic Saint Francis College 3.30
Rebecca Wedemeyer University of California, Irvine 3.30
Lindsay Borden University of California, Santa Barbara 3.30
Adriane Mota Arizona State University 3.29
Kaitlin Bardoe Bucknell University 3.29
Sheena Curtin Occidental College 3.28
Kristin Miller Occidental College 3.28
Ashleigh Jacobs Hartwick College 3.28
Maureen Flanagan University of California, Los Angeles 3.27
Rachel Hunter California State University, Hayward 3.27
Heather Lemke Chapman University 3.27
Kristina Lewis Connecticut College 3.27
Jen Bragen Penn State Behrend College 3.27
Elizabeth Glotzbach Santa Clara University 3.27
Annie Kiening University of California, Santa Barbara 3.27
Catherine Taber Arizona State University 3.26
Madeline McCarthy Princeton University 3.26
Holly Hartzell San Diego State University 3.26
Alaina Whitaker University of California, Santa Barbara 3.26
Jineane Shibuya University of Michigan 3.26
Shelby Slay Hartwick College 3.26
Carolyn Dillenbeck Connecticut College 3.25
Katie Hicks Loyola Marymount University 3.25
Devon Wright Loyola Marymount University 3.25
Allison Stover Santa Clara University 3.25
Jillian Kurvers Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.24
Rachel Burkons University of Michigan 3.24
Whitney Mays Occidental College 3.23
Shannon McGee University of California, Davis 3.23
Lesha Bounds University of California, San Diego 3.23
Sally Hansen University of California, Santa Cruz 3.23
Catherine Kelly Utica College 3.23
Melissa Paschal Wagner College 3.22
Tonette Cudney California Baptist University 3.22
Kelly Gross California Baptist University 3.22
Alexandra Marin Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 3.22
Kira Canon George Washington University 3.22
Kristin Swenson Macalester College 3.22
Megan Nolan Saint Francis College 3.22
Amanda Ginn Santa Clara University 3.22
Pam Barba California State University, Northridge 3.21
Tessa DiLoreto Mercyhurst College 3.21
Malia Tarayao University of Hawaii 3.21
Vanessa Farner Whittier College 3.21
Kate Myers University of Redlands 3.21
Jamie Fulop Bucknell University 3.20
Ashley Aiken Bucknell University 3.20
Christina Behrens Bucknell University 3.20
Christina Leonardo Iona College 3.20
Moya Garske Occidental College 3.20
Samantha Cibula Penn State Behrend College 3.20
Nicole Morgan Slippery Rock University 3.20
Kelly Leibolt Slippery Rock University 3.20
Deni Basom University of California, Irvine 3.20
Denise Hanes Villanova University 3.20
Ellen Howe Villanova University 3.20
Sarah Oberhauser Villanova University 3.20

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