American Men Defeat Australia In Water Polo

BARCELONA, Spain, July 18. THE United States Men’s team won in dominating fashion, leading scoring in each of the four quarters during Friday’s preliminary match against Australia. The following is game summaries of each of the games so far.

Quarters: 2-3, 1-2, 3-4, 1-4
The United States came to win the group and that it did in fine fashion. From the start, the USA looked the classier team, despite Australia performing well in the first half. The USA led the first quarter 3-2 and, after three minutes where the game was locked at 3-3, Wolf Wigo and Jeff Powers put the USA ahead 5-3 at halftime. This was pushed out to 8-3 inside the first two minutes of the third period and, after Tony Azevedo scored at center forward, Australia's Thomas Whalan and Wigo clashed and were both ejected from the game. This inspired Trent Franklin and Ryan Moody to score on extra but Ryan Bailey (USA) and Gavin Woods (AUS) traded goals for 9-6 at the break. It was all the USA from there on in with Australia gaining a consolation goal near the end.

Quarters: 0-3, 0-5, 2-4, 1-1
Hungary turned on some showmanship in defeating Canada in their final preliminary match. The major damage was done by Tamas Varga, who scored four goals. Varga scored his first off right hand catch in the first period as Hungary finished 3-1. He scored the first two of the next quarter, one on extra as Hungary swung the ball from the top right to far post, to deep left-hand catch and then to the near post. The other was with a lob shot. Hungary finished 8-0 up by halftime and went 9-0, through Varga on extra, before Noah Miller replied for Canada's first goal from the top, squeezing it into the bottom right. Tamas Molnar and Tibor Benedek scored on extra and then Miller struck again for Canada, this time on counter. Norbert Madaras rounded out the quarter for 12-2. Canada had by now warmed to the game and goalkeeper Garrett Head was stopping every shot thrown at him. Thomas Marks scored Canada's third but Kasas finally found a gap to score his third, 33 seconds from time.

Quarters: 2-1, 2-3, 5-5, 3-0
This is was one of the most thrilling games of the tournament as Croatia was seeking at least a four-goal difference to win the group. The first quarter reaped just a 2-1 margin but on target. However, Romania didn't come to Croatia's party, instead levelling the game at 4-4 by halftime with a 3-2 period. Croatia could have had the edge at halftime but coach Zoran Roje called for a timeout as one of his players scored. The goal was disallowed and the extra-man was not converted. Then came the biggest quarter of the tournament as Romania made the play and Croatia had to keep coming from behind. When Ramses Jurawle scored his fourth at 1:51 of the third, Romania was 9-7 ahead but Croatia drew level with two goals in 44 seconds before the hooter. Ratko Stritof and Elvis Fatovic scored their second goals for 11-9 and the chances of winning the group were real. Nikola Frankovic took it to 12-9 at 1:13 and the four-goal difference beckoned. Croatia gained an extra-man attack and hit the crossbar. Romania had a timeout but missed. In the ensuing confusion, Frankovic has slipped away and was at the other end of the pool. He received the ball from his goalkeeper and inexplicably, with five seconds left, elected to shoot from seven meters. He hit the crossbar, effectively gifting the group to Hungary. If Frankovic had scored, Croatia would have won the group on the third tiebreak rule (who scored the most goals against Romania – 12-9). The first tiebreak was a draw and the second would have been a four-goal margin each against Romania.

Quarters: 5-2, 5-1, 3-2, 2-2
Here was a match that wasn't meant to be close. The final score reads well for the European champion but the spirit shown by Japan was fantastic. Japan used its speed to good effect scoring goals against the bigger opponent. Japan gained in confidence as the game progressed. Two goals in the first quarter, trailing 5-2, and a third in the second were backed up by two more in the third and a fifth in the fourth. Even Serbian Aleksandar Sapic, who would be expected to get free rein against Japan, only managed a modest three goals. Koji Tanaka scored twice, including the final goal just four seconds from the end, on extra after a timeout. Dejan Savic and Vikto Jelenic also scored three goals each.

Men's Friday schedule:
09:30, CAN v HUN
10:45, CRO v ROM
12:00, AUS v USA
13:15, YUG v JPN
16:00, CHN v GER
17:15, GRE v ITA
18:30, RUS v BRA
19:45, ESP v SVK

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