A SwimInfo Invitation for Olympic Memories

By Newsmaster, SwimInfo

PHOENIX, Ariz., July 30. THE Olympics, and the quest to be part of that experience, have touched a chord in the soul of athletes, as well as all those who appreciate the pursuit and achievement of excellence, ever since it was brought back to the world stage in Athens in 1896. The four-year cycle is now approaching its apex again.

SwimInfo, invites you to share your memories related to the Olympics:

* What was your favorite event? Why?

* What special thoughts do you have about trying to get there?

* Do you have thoughts about the Olympics now compared to generations ago?

* If you are an Olympian, what have been the best and worst of your experiences?

Obviously, we are interested in aquatics at the Games, but we’d like to hear about any interesting Olympic memory.

If you are willing to share your thoughts with us, we’d love to share them with our SwimInfo audience.

Please send a few paragraphs to NewsMaster@SwimInfo.com and we’ll post those that have the best chance to enhance the Athens experience for most observers. Thank you in advance to anyone who makes the effort to send us their memories.

On to Athens where new and old images will stir us, whether from memories of personal experience or from old newsreels. We again feel the thrill of a win by an athlete from our country or simply a performance by an Olympian from any country that we recognize has moved the boundaries of human potential. It is the ultimate human drama.

Do you remember the 1984 “Gross-busters” 4 x 200 freestyle relay? What about Billy Mills in the Tokyo 10,000 meters run? And some memories are not athletic, and some are not wonderful, such as the powerful image of a black September.

What "Olympic Thought" do you want to share?

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