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#30MostSwimfluential: Dick Shoulberg

Who is Dick Shoulberg? Served at Germantown Academy since 1969 and has occupied the positions of Director of Aquatics, the Germantown Academy Aquatics Club, and the Aquatics Day Camp, and

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#30MostSwimfluential: Mark Schubert

By Seren Jones, Swimming World College Intern. Who is Mark Schubert? Built a reputation as one of America’s most prestigious coaches over the past five decades. Held head coaching positions

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#30MostSwimfluential: Dave Salo

Who is Dave Salo? Author of SprintSalo: A Cerebral Approach to Training for Peak Swimming Performance (1989) and Complete Conditioning for Swimming (2008). Earned his doctorate in exercise physiology from

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#30MostSwimfluential: Eddie Reese

Who is Eddie Reese? Swam collegiately for the University of Florida where he won three consecutive SEC championships (1961, 1962, 1963) and became the first Florida swimmer to win five

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#30MostSwimfluential: Richard Quick

Who is Richard Quick? Head coach of five NCAA Division I college programs, covering a span of 33 years (SMU women 1976-1977, Iowa State men 1977-1978, Auburn 1978-1982, Texas women 1982-1988,