2012 London Olympics: IOC Defends Ye Shiwen

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LONDON, England, July 31. IMMEDIATE calls of doping after Ye Shiwen's world-record performance in the women's 400-meter IM have led to the International Olympic Committee to go public in defense of the 16-year-old at the 2012 London Olympics.

“We need to get real here,” said International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams. “These are the world's best athletes competing at the very highest level. We've seen all sorts of records broken already all over the place.”

Adams continued saying that the IOC can't police speculation, but that it can police the sport.

“We can't stop speculation. It is inevitably a sad result of the fact that there are people who dope and who cheat,” Adams said. “It's very sad we can't applaud a great performance. Let's give the benefit of the doubt to the athletes.”

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