Katinka Hosszu
Courtesy of: Mike Comer/ProSwimVisuals.com
DEBRECEN, Hungary, July 14. THE Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu really wants some competition. She's dying for it so much that she even asked the Hungarian Swimming Federation to compete in the men's events at Hungarian Nationals this week.

According to her coach-husband Shane Tusup, Hosszu had asked to be scheduled with her full slate of events in the men's races, but FINA rules barred it from happening.

"We have always been talking about racing with the boys, and I have always been very curious about what I could go with a lot of competition especially in the 400 and 200 IM," Hosszu told Swimming World. "I love racing boys during practice. It's super fun for me, and good competition always bring more out of me than what I think I could do."

To guarantee that the meet will qualify for FINA certification, the Hungarian Swimming Federation has to follow certain FINA guidelines, and that includes separate gender events aside from mixed relays, according to Tusup.

Hosszu is going to take on her typical unreal schedule as she is swimming in every single event at nationals this week in Debrecen.

That's why they call her the Iron Lady.

Maybe Hosszu might swim against the boys in a pro meet in the future.