Ian Thorpe at the 2011 World Cup
Courtesy of: USA Today Sports
SYDNEY, Australia, April 8. IN a story more reminiscent of a former rock star who hits rock bottom in terms of substance abuse and the subsequent health issues that arise from that lifestyle, Ian Thorpe's 2014 became even more dramatic today according to various media reports.

First, Network Seven reported that the five-time Olympic gold medalist "contracted an infection" after undergoing surgery in Switzerland, and that there are fears that he could lose the use of his left arm and is currently in intensive care in Sydney.

There are some conflicting reports out there about the situation as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported a response from Thorpe's manager James Erskine stating that he was, in fact, deal with a serious infection but was not in intensive care and currently undergoing a radical antibiotic regimen to overcome the infection.

This news comes on the tail end of a tough beginning to 2014 for Thorpe where the Olympic superstar was discovered disoriented in Sydney after allegedly mixing some anti-depressants with medication for his shoulder injury. This led to a public stint in rehab.