Courtesy of: Pia Ellegaard
HERNING, Denmark, December 14. RUSSIA turned up the heat in the mixed 200 freestyle relay en route to a world record in the finale at the European Short Course Championships, but just missed unifying the world best and world record in the event.

Sergey Fesikov (21.13), Vlad Morozov (20.72), Rozaliya Nasretdinova (23.70) and Veronika Popova (23.98) combined to clock a 1:29.53. That performance downed Australia's world record of 1:29.61 set at the Tokyo stop of the FINA World Cup. The time, however, came up short of the standing world best of 1:29.31 set by Australia at the Eindhoven stop of the FINA World Cup in August. Matt Abood (21.21), James Magnussen (20.64), Brittany Elmslie (23.97) and Emma McKeon (23.49) combined in that swim.

Even though it was a fully sanctioned swim at a FINA event, the international organization only began recognizing world records in the 200 SCM relays in September. Therefore, the mixed relays in particular, have continued to progress from records first certified by Indiana University as a relay meet in September. The mixed 200 medley relay has been unified, but the world is still waiting for the world best and world record unification for the mixed 200 free relay.

Italy, led by a monster leg from Marco Orsi, placed second in 1:30.26 by the quartet of Luca Dotto (21.41), Orsi (20.66), Silvia Di Pietro (24.35) and Erike Ferraioli (23.84). The Netherlands' placed third with Ing Dekker (24.26), Mike Marissen (21.49), Sebastiaan Verschuren (21.96) and Ranomi Kromowidjojo (22.91) posted a 1:30.62.

Germany (1:30.65), France (1:31.30), Denmark (1:31.51), Finland (1:31.84), Serbia (1:33.62), Norway (1:33.84) and Czech Republic (1:34.56) also competed in the finale.