Susan Taylor
Courtesy of: Facebook
BOULOUGNE, France, July 15. SUSAN Taylor has died while attempting to swim across the English Channel on Sunday evening, getting as close as one mile to the French coastline before exhibiting physical issues.

According to various media reports, Taylor collapsed in the water and was brought aboard the support boat, where her paramedic husband, Stephen, tried to revive her. After several unsuccessful attempts, Susan Taylor was transported by boat to a French hospital, where the 34-year-old was pronounced dead.

A Facebook page dedicated to keeping supporters informed of her progress started with messages of support and well wishes, and is now flooded with words of support for Taylor's family. The swim was intended to raise money to find a cure for diabetes, and according to the Daily Mail, more than 13,000 pounds ($19,100) has been raised.

The English Channel is regarded as the most dangerous open water swim in the world, and is often compared to climbing Mount Everest. Taylor is the eighth person to die while attempting to cross the 21-kilometer English Channel. The last person to die during the swim was Ireland's Paraic Casey, who passed away last July.

Daily Mail article