Euro Juniors 2013
POZNAN, Poland, July 10. THE European Junior Championships kicked off today with a seriously strong outing in the women's 50-meter breaststroke as well as a blazing meet record in the women's 400-meter free relay in finals.

Ukraine's Viktoriya Solntseva popped a meet-record time in the women's 50-meter breaststroke with a 30.83 for the win. That swim smashed the previous record set by Russia's Yuliya Efimova (31.45) back in 2007. That performance shot Solntseva to a seventh-ranked tie with Moniek Nijhuis in the world rankings, coincidentally just a few spots behind Efimova's fourth-ranked 30.56 from Russian Nationals. Germany's Marlene Huether (31.61) and Margarethe Hummel (31.65) placed second and third.

Russia's Maria Baklokova (26.85), Daria Kartashova (55.98), Rozaliya Nasretdinova (55.61) and Daria Ustinova (55.82) dominated the women's 400-meter freestyle relay with a meet-record time of 3:42.58. That swim beat Russia's previous mark of 3:43.12 from last year's edition in Antwerp. Germany's Anna-Stephanie Dietterle (56.60), Nele Klein (55.80), Helen Scholtissek (56.27) and Rosalie Kaethner (56.83) took second in 3:45.50, while Great Britain's Harriet Cooper (56.44), Lucy Hope (56.78), Linda Shaw (57.66) and Katie Latham (56.01) posted a third-place 3:46.89.

Poland took home the men's 400-meter free relay as Jan Holub (50.22), Maciej Falacinski (51.42), Rafal Bugdol (50.81) and Sebastian Szcezepanski (49.26) touched in 3:21.71 for the win. Russia's Evgeny Sedov (50.55), Daniil Melyanenkov (50.90), Ivan Kuzmenko (50.65) and Sergey Tarkhanov (50.51) picked up second in 3:22.61, while Germany's Damian Wierling (50.55), Lucas Schenke (51.20), Poul Zellmann (50.82) and Alexander Kunert (50.15) took third in 3:22.72.

Germany's Leonie Beck topped the women's 800-meter freestyle timed final with an 8:33.08, while Italy's Alisia Tettamanzi posted a distance second in 8:41.73. Hungary's Nikoletta Kiss wound up third in 8:43.07. Czech's Jan Micka won the men's 400-meter free in 3:50.47, while Great Britain's Matthew Johnson finished second in 3:51.11. Italy's Andrea D'Arrigo, a Virginia commit likely keeping a close eye on the Augie Busch hire this morning, finished third in 3:51.74.

Russia's Evgeny Sedov picked up the men's 50-meter fly title in 23.85, while Germany's Jonas Bergmann finished second in 24.06. Denmark's Daniel Steen Andersen earned third in 24.25. Hungary's Adel Farkas clinched the women's 400-meter IM title in 4:44.79, while Great Britain's Amber Keegan earned second in 4:46.83. Germany's Emily Siebrecht wound up third in 4:48.05.

In semifinal action, Russia's Maria Baklokova paced the women's 100-meter free in 55.28, just off Silke Lippok's meet record from 2009 of 55.02. Dalma Sebestyen led the way in the women's 200-meter fly with a 2:13.15, while Russia's Gigory Tarasevich clocked a meet record 54.63 in the men's 100-meter back. That swim downed the 2003 mark of 55.06 set by Hungarian star Laszlo Cseh.

Russia's Mikhail Dorinov touched in 2:13.54 for the top seed out of the men's 200-meter breast, while Russia's Daria Ustinova nearly downed a meet record in the women's 200-meter back semis with a 2:10.62.

Results: European Junior Championships: Day One Finals