2013LCNationalsJessica Hardy places first in the prelims of the 100 breaststroke.
Courtesy of: Peter H. Bick
LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 3. THE International Olympic Committee shot down the much-discussed and rumored addition of the stroke 50s, and any other medal additions across the board, at its Executive Board meeting yesterday.

In its Board report recently released, the IOC will not consider adding more events or more athletes for any International Federation, including FINA.

Olympic Programme for Rio 2016

The EB discussed the topic of possible modifications to disciplines, events, quotas and competition formats at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and reiterated that any request from International Federations (IFs) that would result in a higher number of athletes or increased number of medals, thereby adding to the cost and complexity of the Games, would not be considered. At a later stage, the IOC will study the quota-neutral requests already made by IFs for either a swap of event or modifications of competition format.

However, the IOC did open the door for a potential women's 800-meter free switch to the 1500-meter freestyle with its declaration that it would explore "quota-neutral" requests. The ruling also likely torpedoed FINA's desire to push the women's water polo tournament up in teams to equal the men's team cap.

Last summer, the swimming blogosphere exploded with unfounded rumors that the stroke 50s would make their way into the Olympic schedule. Getting stroke 50s into the Olympics is not one of the top priorities for FINA, especially when considering the IOC's desire to keep Athletics (Track & Field) and Aquatics (Open Water, Diving, Water Polo, Swimming) in balance.

Executive Board Report