Off the Wall: NBC's Olympic Coverage, Underwater Video Replay, Paul Yetter Interview Part I -- August 1, 2012

SEATTLE, Washington, August 1. OFF the Wall's Nathan Jendrick and Felipe Delgado returns with a hearty discussion on Swimming World Radio about the London Olympic swimming events up to the halfway point, the state of Michael Phelps' competitiveness and why underwater analysis is needed during races.

Nathan and Felipe also cover the controversy of "too good to be true" performances, and in the Swim Off One-on-One interview, Nathan chats at length with T2 Aquatics coach Paul Yetter (Part I of a two-part interview). Don't miss this Off the Wall! Yetter's interview starts at 54:00 of the show!

(Right click or option-click this link and choose "Save As..." to download an .mp3 copy of this Swimming World Radio show.)

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Paul Yetter
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