SwimmingWorld.TV Exclusive: Sprint Workout With Canadian Olympic Team -- May 8, 2012

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 8. AT the recent training camp in Phoenix, the sprinters on the Canadian Olympic team worked on power while using distance per stroke, with some speed pre-built in.

SwimmingWorld.TV was on deck as Tom Johnson and Marc-Andre Pelletier coached the swimmers through the tough set involving the popular Power Tower. The video above features such swimmers as Julia Wilkinson, Victoria Poon, Tom Gossland, Joe Bartoch, Charles Francis and Jillian Tyler. Tom Johnson also talks about the goal of the set and how it trains sprinters to think differently about their race pacing.

A look at the set done by the sprinters:

Four rounds of the following:

4x25 on 1:30 attached to Power Tower
#1 kick, #2 pull, #3 swim, #4 swim with fins

100 drill on 2:00
1x50 fast distance per stroke
1x50 easy

Be sure to visit SwimmingWorld.TV for more video interviews from the Canadian Olympic Team training camp.

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Canadian Olympic Team Sprint Workout
Courtesy of: SwimmingWorld.TV


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