Sonner Facility
Courtesy of: RSA
RALEIGH, North Carolina, July 7. LAST September, we reported on the groundbreaking of a renovation project undertaken by the Raleigh Swimming Association. ?In September, the RSA purchased the Candler Swim Club location, and began that ambitious project that would rejuvenate the complex as the new William H. Sonner Aquatic Facility.

The RSA is happy to release a project update with a Swimming World Facebook photo gallery of what the facility looks like right now as the facility is now open for business. The first splash took place on June 20, 2014 with the Sonner facility now featuring full club activity as well as swim lessons, Aqua Zuma and Water Polo.

The location was named after RSA founder Bill Sonner. Sonner is a former N.C. State All-American and Athletic Director who built the tradition of excellence still found today at RSA.