Conor Dwyer
Courtesy of: David Farr
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SANTA CLARA, California, June 22. IN a high-profile battle, NBAC's Conor Dwyer snatched the men's 200-meter IM title away from teammates Chase Kalisz and Michael Phelps at the Arena Grand Prix in Santa Clara.

Dwyer powered his way home to touchout Kalisz, 1:59.49 to 1:59.53, for the title, and the all-important Grand Prix series points to win the BMW lease. Dwyer moved up to 18th in the world with the swim, while Kalisz took 19th. Phelps, meanwhile, in his first IM final since the 2012 London Olympics, took third in 1:59.76.

Stanford's Max Williamson (2:01.71), Dynamo's Gunnar Bentz (2:02.17), Gators' Sebastien Rousseau (2:02.32), Dan Wallace (2:02.44), Club Wolverine's Kyle Whitaker (2:03.00) and NBAC's Austin Surhoff (2:04.43) posted the rest of the times tonight.