Caitlin Leverenz
Courtesy of: David Farr
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SANTA CLARA, California, June 22. CALIFORNIA's Caitlin Leverenz clinched the top points in the women's American points race at the Arena Grand Prix in Santa Clara with a victory in the women's 200-meter IM.

Although Katinka Hosszu took home the overall points race, Leverenz was racing for the BMW lease and she took home the IM title with a 2:12.61. That's just outside the top 20 in the world anchored by Maya DiRado (2:12.52). Canada's Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson took second in 2:13.79 with Theresa Michalak placing third in 2:14.03.

PASA's Karlee Bispo (2:14.92), Pleasanton's Celina Li (2:16.49), Bulldogs' Shannon Vreeland (2:17.59), NBAC's Becca Mann (2:17.89) and SWAT's Emma Schanz (2:20.02) comprised the rest of the legal swims in the finale. Madisyn Cox drew a disqualification in the A final.