Yannick Agnel
Courtesy of: David Farr
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SANTA CLARA, California, June 21. YANNICK Agnel said in his post-race interview following his 200 free win that he always has trouble re-acclimating to sea level after training at altitude, which makes his time tonight more exciting to him.

Agnel gives a lot of credit to training partner Michael Phelps, particularly on his work on underwater kicking off the turns. "When you're training with Michael Phelps, you don't want to get beaten on every single turn, every single underwater and do one or two kicks ... That's really thanks to Bob (Bowman) and Michael."

Like Phelps, Agnel is swimming "because I am having fun," and he said he exhibits that every day in the pool, making jokes and trying to lift the spirits of the team. Being in Baltimore is fun, but he still misses his family and friends in France.

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