Kevin Cordes
Courtesy of: Azaria Basile
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SANTA CLARA, California, June 20. AFTER a bit of a tough morning, Tucson Ford's Kevin Cordes put all fears to rest by winning the men's 200-meter breaststroke at the Arena Grand Prix in Santa Clara.

Cordes ripped off a 2:11.82 to win the finale after qualifying towards the low end of the top nine this morning. NBAC's Chase Kalisz cut another second off his personal best with a 2:12.43 for second. This morning, he broke 2:14 for the first time with a 2:13.45 to lead qualifying. PASA's BJ Johnson took third overall in 2:12.55, while Bulldogs' Nicolad Fink also beat 2:13 with a fourth-place 2:12.76.

California's Josh Prenot (2:13.48), Matt Elliott (2:14.13), Club Wolverine's Richard Funk (2:15.77), Mike Alexandrov (2:15.87) and Dan Wallace (2:15.94) also vied for the title this evening.

Dynamo's Gunnar Bentz raced his way to the B final win in 2:15.21, while Nitro's Will Licon finished second in 2:16.66. Portugal's Carlos Almeida wound up third in the consolation heat in 2:16.81.

Felipe Lima (2:16.89), Arizona Aquatics' Carl Mickelson (2:17.06), Wisconsin's Nick Schafer (2:18.37), Stanford's Max Williamson (2:18.68), Gators' Diago Decarvalho (2:19.73) and Trojan's Azad Al-Barazi (2:20.65) also did battle in the B final.

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