Backstroke start platform
Courtesy of: FINA/YouTube
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, March 31. THIS morning, USA Swimming Assistant Executive Director Mike Unger reached out to Swimming World to help get the word out that the much-anticipated backstroke foot ledge is "unlikely" to be available for the Mesa Grand Prix at the end of April.

This morning, Omega/Swiss Timing informed USA Swimming that the starting device would not be ready until the end of April. That means, unless something happens to speed things up, it won't be on deck at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa April 24-26.

Unger is unsure if the ledges will be available for the Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte, May 15-18, but did state directly "we will have them for the Arena Grand Prix in Santa Clara, June 19-22."

In case you missed it, here's an explanatory video about the device: