Townley Haas
Courtesy of: Christopher Rattray
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ORLANDO, Florida, March 20. 1000 freestyle winner Townley Haas, of NOVA, is two thirds of the way to a distance triple crown at the 2014 NCSA Junior National Championships. Haas won the boy's 500 freestyle with a 4:17.85, just a few tenths off his best on this second night of finals.

Haas was hanging strong next to Nicholas Arakelian at the 200 yard mark, splitting a 1:39.44 at the feet. Haas then pulled away to a body-length lead at the 300, with a 2:33.34 at the feet. Although he seemed on pace to beat his 4:17.45 at the 400 with a 3:25.62 split, Haas touched the wall just a few tenths off his best. However, it was good enough for the win! Second place went to Arakelian, the younger brother of NCAA Division II record holder Caroline Arakelian, who swam a 4:21.36.