Aaron Peirsol
Courtesy of: Peter H. Bick
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, January 24. AFTER some back-and-forth conversations today that included agent David Arluck regarding the availability of backstroke foot ledges at USA Swimming-hosted events, USA Swimming Assistant Executive Director Mike Unger just confirmed with Swimming World that USA Swimming plans on having FINA-approved backstroke foot ledges at the Mesa and Santa Clara Grand Prix stops.

Arluck had been voicing some concern that FINA-legal equipment had not been available at recent events, and Unger assured him that they would be available at these two stops.

In response to a follow-up call from Swimming World, Unger confirmed that USA Swimming has been in contact with Omega Timing to not only provide timing at these two stops, but also for the backstroke foot ledges to be available as well. Unger said that USA Swimming had planned on having them in Austin, but were unable to do so due to circumstances out of its control.

Unger also explained that a video will be out soon detailing the specifications of the backstroke foot ledge, which should allow anyone to begin to prepare equipment to train on that still match FINA-approved specs.

Last summer, Swimming World had the chance to film some footage of the backstroke foot ledge test at U.S. Nationals, where swimmers had the chance to test out the equipment firsthand prior to it being approved by FINA.