2013worldsspeedo Tyler Clary
Courtesy of: Joan Marc Bosch
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AUSTIN, Texas, January 18. OLYMPIAN Tyler Clary has decided to pull out of the rest of the Arena Grand Prix in Austin after reinjuring a back injury sustained a few weeks ago according to his Instagram account.

"Well, unfortunately I'll be a spectator for the rest of the meet," Clary posted. "I injured my back about three weeks ago and I reinjured it this morning. I really apologize to the fans and I'll be working to nip this in the butt!"

Clary, representing Club Wolverine, had finished fourth in the 400 free with a 3:52.86 last night, and looked good for a strong double tonight after making the A final in both the 400 IM and 200 back. But, he'll be working the rehab table the rest of the way.