Michael Phelps at the 2012 Olympics
Courtesy of: Rob Schumacher-USPRESSWIRE
SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida, January 12. EARLIER this week, Michael Phelps and several other North Baltimore Aquatic Club swimmers surprised the Westminster College swim team when they showed up to train at the North Shore Aquatic Complex.

Westminster College was on a winter training trip to Florida, with plenty of other swimmers in the area for training trips in Florida as well. But, Westminster definitely had an extra treat other than having nice weather to dodge the polar vortex from back in Pennsylvania with the Greatest of All Time in attendance.

"We were standing there and we're like, 'That kid looks really like Michael Phelps,'" Westminster College senior Carrie Whisel told FOX 13. "We were like, 'No he's too short. He's not even going to be here. He didn't say he was going to be here. It's probably not him.' Then of course later on, we find out that was Michael Phelps!"

Phelps was in town along with the likes of Allison Schmitt, Yannick Agnel, Conor Dwyer and Matt McLean as well as Paralympic star Jessica Long.

Phelps definitely had fun during the trip, as he documented most of it via Twitter.