Swimmer Calendar blood drive
Courtesy of: Beth Green
CENTREVILLE, Virginia, July 24. SEVERAL athletes who appear in the just-released Swimmer Calendar showed up at a neighborhood blood drive last weekend to promote the importance of donating blood, which is the theme of the 2014 calendar featuring Olympians and Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Three neighborhoods in northern Virginia -- Virginia Run, Sully Station and Little Rocky Run -- were engaged in a friendly competition to see which community could accumulate the most blood in a day-long blood drive. Each neighborhood got a visit from some of the models in the calendar, including Olympians Kate Ziegler and Kim Vandenberg, and NCAA champion Josh Schneider. Schneider was one of three of the athletes who donated blood on Friday. Also donating blood were calendar co-creator Eric Knight and Olympic Trials qualifier and mixed martial arts fighter Joe Pascale.

Knight and Schneider give blood in one of the donation buses (photo courtesy Beth Green)

Pascale gives the thumbs up during his donation (photo courtesy Beth Green)

Each neighborhood gathered to greet the athletes as they arrived in each neighborhood, waving American flags and chanting "USA! USA!" as they drove by. Calendar co-creator Beth Green said up to 60 people stopped by the blood drive to meet the athletes. Those who gave blood were given copies of The Swimmer Calendar as thanks for their contribution.

The Virginia Run neighborhood won the blood drive competition, collecting 49 units throughout the day. The three neighborhoods combined to collect 139 units for Inova Blood Donor Services, which serves 24 hospitals in the northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas.

The Swimmer Calendar features 12 athletes from various walks of life, the first calendar to exclusively feature swimmers. Click here to learn more and to buy a copy.

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