RICHMOND, Virginia, July 22. NOVA of Virginia Aquatics (NOVA) and the Virginia Association for Competitive Swimming (VACS) recently announced an alliance between the two clubs.

Under the terms of the agreement, VACS will adopt the NOVA name while continuing to maintain operations and practice in the Tri‐Cities area in Hopewell, Virginia. NOVA's everyday operations will also continue as normal.

NOVA head coach Geoff Brown called the agreement, "a great opportunity for both organizations, and a great day for competitive swimming in central Virginia."

NOVA, which finished the short course swimming season ranked fifth in USA Swimming's national Virtual Club Championship, has, in recent years, been one of the few top ranked teams in the nation to operate out of a single facility.

"Teaming up with VACS will begin the process of allowing us to extend the NOVA brand and experience to a much broader group of age group swimmers than we have traditionally been able to serve out of our single facility," Brown continued. "As an organization, we will greatly benefit from this alliance as we will be blending the vision and wisdom of a smaller footprint team with our own business model. I am especially delighted by the prospect of adding Jamie, Lauren and Shannon to our coaching staff. Our staff has long admired the results of Jamie's vision and their collective hard work."

Jamie Greenwood is the VACS head coach and Lauren McCorey and Shannon Royster are assistants.

Greenwood called the alliance "an opportunity to offer swimmers in the Tri‐Cities area the best of both worlds: the personal focus of a small team practice environment, along with the benefits and excitement of competing as part of a large, national‐caliber club."

Brown and Greenwood each highlighted the good fit between the two teams, citing the fact that NOVA and VACS share the same core philosophy, emphasizing stroke mechanics over yardage among younger swimmers, and underscore that importance by having their head coaches spend significant time with some of the youngest swimmers.

As a combined entity, the emphasis will remain on winning the right way -- with good sportsmanship, integrity and humility as hallmark behaviors.

The strong fit between NOVA and VACS is not a coincidence, as VACS Coach Greenwood is himself a former NOVA swimmer who trained under NOVA Coach Brown for many years as an age‐group swimmer.

The most obvious impacts of the move will be felt at swim meets at the local and regional levels. The move combines one of the strongest large clubs in the region (NOVA has won six straight Virginia Senior State Championship meets and 14 straight Virginia State Age Group Championship meets) with one of the up and coming small teams in the state. VACS recently finished second in the small team division at both the Virginia Senior State and Virginia Age Group Short Course Championship meets. "By swimming as a combined team, swimmers from both locations will be able to benefit from greater talent, hopefully leading to even greater success at the regional and national level," Brown added.

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