Kim Vandenberg
Courtesy of: The Swimmer Calendar
ARLINGTON, Virginia, July 18. OLYMPIANS are mingling with aspiring swimming stars this weekend in the District of Columbia area, as the much-anticipated Swimmer Calendar makes its debut.

Today at the pool where members of the Overlee summer league team swim, The Swimmer Calendar co-creators Andrew Day and Eric Knight greeted kids at the Northern Virginia Summer League's relay meet. The kids -- and possibly a few parents -- lined up to grab some of the first copies of the 2014 calendar. Joining them today were three of the models in the calendar: Olympians Peter Vanderkaay and Kate Ziegler, as well as swimmer/mixed martial arts fighter Joe Pascale.

When copies of the calendar ran out, Vanderkaay found new ways to sign his autograph, as shown in this photograph posted on the calendar's Twitter page:

Olympian Kim Vandenberg will also be joining the squad this weekend to roll out the calendar. In addition to Vanderkaay, Ziegler and Vandenberg, Davis Tarwater is another Olympian featured in the calendar. American record holder Bryan Lundquist, NCAA champion Josh Schneider and national team member Madison Kennedy are also part of the calendar spread.

On the calendar's website, where you can order copies of The Swimmer Calendar, a behind-the-scenes video shows Kennedy performing an amazing upside-down climb of a rope, doing a pull-up, then descending the rope.

The Swimmer Calendar was conceived by longtime friends Day and Knight, whose names suggest that a collaboration was written in the stars, as well as Beth Green. Day, a professional photographer, worked with Knight and Green to bring together the swimmers for photo shoots. Knight, who trained with the elite squad at SwimMac-Carolina, got six other teammates to do the shoot and networked to arrange the remaining five athletes to participate.

The calendar is the first to feature only swimmers, and the project was also conceived to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, in collaboration with Inova Blood Donor Services.

Monday's edition of The Morning Swim Show on will feature an interview with Day, Knight and Vanderkaay as they go in-depth with the logistics of creating such a project.