Greg Winslow
Courtesy of: University of Utah
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, July 2. ACCORDING to a release by the Salt Lake City Tribune investigators have found Utah Athletics Director Chris Hill's response to issues with former head swimming coach Greg Winslow to be wanting.

The investigation stated that while "Winslow's methods were questionable, rather than clearly abusive, he should have been fired more than a year ago due to his alcohol abuse."

Winslow recently had charges dropped after allegations of sexual abuse were filed against him from his time at Sun Devil Aquatics. Since coaching in Tempe, Winslow took a position with the Utah Utes as the head coach and came under fire for some of his actions.

Today, investigators reported that while allegations of coaching abuse filed with the athletics department "were appropriately handled," the investigators stated that Hill "did not adequately follow up on reports on Winslow's alcohol problems."

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune,

The allegations against Winslow, whose contract at Utah was not renewed, included:

* Taping a PVC pipe to the back, arms and hands of a black swimmer who had joked about being let of out practice for Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2010, then forcing the student athlete to swim underwater sprints until he blacked out in the pool.

* Showing up to practices hungover or still drunk.

* Having outbursts of anger, at one time throwing bags full of ankle weights at an athlete in a hotel.

* Failing to report two swimmers being caught buying marijuana on a trip to Arizona.

* Missing competitions.

* Punching an assistant coach.

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