Phoenix Swim Club pool
Courtesy of: Swimming World
PHOENIX, Arizona, May 13. PHOENIX Swim Club, which has been mired in controversy the past few months, has decided it needed a leadership change.

Phoenix Swim Club notified its membership today that former Swimming World producer Garrett McCaffrey has been named the interim head coach with now-former head coach Matt Rankin being terminated, effective immediately.

Phoenix Swim Club has not released the specific reason for Rankin's departure, but has hired former Missouri head coach Brian Hoffer to serve as a consultant to McCaffrey in his first head coaching position. McCaffrey and Hoffer have a long history together as Hoffer recruited McCaffrey to swim for him while at Missouri.

McCaffrey previously had split duties with Rankin on the senior level group, and has had his own age group squad to coach. He now will assume full control of the senior group, while still maintaining his other duties.

Matt Rankin's twin brother, Mark, remains with Phoenix Swim Club as the team's Masters coach.

The club has definitely been dealing with plenty of controversy this year. Not only is this the third head coach in less than a half-a-year with former head coach Coley Stickels now in California, the club also is facing the likelihood that its facility will be sold and bulldozed by a real estate developer in a deal by its landlord Brophy Prep. This action is slated to occur early next year, with no plans on where the Phoenix Swim Club will operate thereafter.