Coral Springs Aquatic Complex
Courtesy of: City of Coral Springs
CORAL SPRINGS, Florida, April 4. THE late Michael Lohberg's memory will be enshrined at the pool where he guided Dara Torres and others to national and international success at a ceremony to be held April 13.

The Coral Springs Aquatic Complex will be renamed the Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions. Coral Springs Mayor Vincent Boccard will be on hand for the renaming ceremony.

Lohberg passed away on April 4, 2011, after a lengthy battle with a blood disorder called aplastic anemia that incapacitated him during Torres' performances at the 2008 Olympics. The condition had Lohberg in a hospital during the Games, where Torres won three silver medals. Though doctors had given him a few weeks to live, Lohberg was able to continue coaching at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex almost until his passing.

The facility includes a 50-meter and a 25-meter competition pool, as well as a diving well and teaching pool. The complex's website states that 600,000 people visit the facility each year.