Bob Placak and Son
Courtesy of: Swimming World
For more coverage of the RCP Tiburon Mile, check out the RCP Tiburon Mile event coverage page. It has a full replay of the live stream as well as some phenomenal post-race interviews.

TIBURON, California, October 1. BOB Placak, the great founder of the RCP Tiburon Mile, takes some time to talk with SwimmingWorld.TV's Shoshanna Rutemiller after completing the half-hour swim in Northern California.

The interview, that is a family affair with his cute son jumping into the conversation for a bit, reveals Placak's strategy to have a great swim as swimmers had to battle both cold and warm pockets of water throughout the swim. Placak joked about this being the one swim he can guarantee he gets the best starting position, since he runs it.

Placak also took time out to talk about some of the great post-swim festivities he gets to plan and enjoy each year.