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Courtesy of: Ana Maria Cepeda

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 26. LAST week, the international swimming governing body met to vote on what the maximum water temperature should be for sanctioned open water swimming events around the world. Though met with controversy, FINA set the temperature limit at 31 degrees Celsius, or just shy of 88 degrees Fahrenheit. We wanted to know in our last poll what you thought of the vote. An overwhelmingly high number of voters, 87.50 percent, said the max temperature was too high, while 10.71 percent said it was just right. Less than two percent of voters, 1.79 percent, said it was too low.

FINA just made another ruling on a very controversial subject, and this one concerned the use of unlimited dolphin kicks at the start of a breaststroke race. The proposed rule would allow swimmers to use as many dolphin kicks as possible on the start, but they must surface before 15 meters and swim breaststroke. FINA voted against the proposal, keeping the current rules in place. Do you think that was a good decision by FINA to vote down the rule allowing multiple dolphin kicks? Go to our home page at swimmingworld.com and place your vote. We'll have the results for you next Friday.