Sarah Sjostrom
Courtesy of: Joao Marc Bosch
PHOENIX, Arizona, July 8. AS it was two weeks ago when Katie Ledecky stunned the world with her world records in Texas, it's a no-brainer that we're going to award this Performance of the Week to Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom for her world record swim in the 50 butterfly.

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The time of 24.43 is absolutely mind-boggling for a female, but the swim gets this week's accolades for its perfect execution. The 50-meter events are sometimes tough to swim correctly because you're going all-out from the start, and sometimes technique and power don't always work together. Sjostrom's stroke had no flaws, at least from my perspective, and it's even more amazing when you watch this video to see that she does not breath for the entire swim.

Many of you might be getting excited to see what Sjostrom can put up in this 50 fly at the European championships next month, but I'm sorry to tell you that she will not be doing the 50 fly in Berlin. In this tweet from June 19, she said "I won't swim 50 fly because the 100 free semifinal is 10 minutes before the 50 fly final." So, enjoy this swim now because we won't see Sarah Sjostrom swim it again long course until next year.

Congratulations, Sarah, you've won the Speedo Performance of the Week

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