Tech Talk Open Water Goggles
Courtesy of: SwimmingWorld.TV
PHOENIX, Arizona, May 30. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you another episode of Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

Tiffany Elias is joined by Julie Stupp, a former collegiate swimmer and four-time Olympic Trials qualifier, to discuss the important components of good open water goggles and the various options available. Stupp shares four important factors to consider in your search: 360-degree visibility, anti-fog coating, comfort and tint.

In regards to 360-degree visibility, Stupp recommends the Nootca Workhorse. Not only does these goggles allow clear vision through the water, but allow for great sighting of open water buoys in the distance.

The Aqua Sphere K180+ had the best anti-fog coating. The goggles stayed clear longer than any others tested which is ideal for long-distance training. The Barracuda Fenix was recommended as the most comfortable goggles. Open water swimmers have to be cognizant of elbows and feet to the face during open water competitions.

Lastly, the View Shinari provided the best option for tinted goggles. Watch the video to find out what goggles Stupp declares the best across the four categories.

Open Water Goggles Tech Talk

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