Courtesy of: SwimmingWorld.TV
AUSTIN, Texas, April 1. THE pre-session stretching routine for the University of California-Berkeley men's swim team, on the surface, is an opportunity to get muscles ready for intense racing, which the Golden Bears did each day at the NCAA Men's Division I Swimming and Diving Championships.

In this exclusive video, we witness part of the dynamic stretching portion of the routine which involves all swimmers doing the same exercises. After that, there's a period of time for each swimmer to do individualized stretching before diving into the pool for warm-ups.

Freshman Ryan Murphy and senior Shayne Fleming talk in this video about the importance of stretching and how it also builds team unity with a shared bonding moment.

Also, read this insight into pre-session stretching by Mike Stott, which includes observations on the California team's routine.

Special thanks to head coach Dave Durden.