Michael Phelps

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 2. THE news of Michael Phelps' possible comeback had the world buzzing about two weeks ago, especially with the report that he submitted two random drug tests in the past three months to put himself back in the drug testing pool. Phelps has said he is just keeping his options open, and we wanted to know in our last poll if you thought the Olympic legend was going to follow through and actually compete in 2014.

With 78.81 percent of the vote, our readers said yes, they believe Phelps will compete in 2014. On the flip side, 21.19 percent don't think Phelps will actually step up for an official race when the nine-month blackout period ends in March. Only time will tell what happens with this, but one thing's for sure. The will he or won't he questions have put a heavy spotlight on the sport in what is usually a low period of exposure for swimming.

Something else that is making headlines is Swimming World's announcement that we are stripping the World Female and European Swimmer of the Year awards from eight East German women that were part of the country's systematic doping regime in the 1970s and 1980s. Almost 20 years after evidence came to light that just about every elite East German female swimmer was given steroids at some point in their careers, we've decided to remove the names of swimmers such as Kristin Otto and Kornelia Ender, among others, from our list of the best in history. We have received numerous private and public comments regarding this issue, and we want to know how our readers feel about this decision. Do you agree with our removal of these names from the list of the world and European female swimmers of the year? Go to our home page at swimmingworld.com and vote yes or no on the right side of the page.