PHOENIX, Arizona, January 24. THE 2013 Paralympic world championships will take place in Montreal, Canada, and will likely feature hometown hero Benoit Huot, who cleaned up at the 2012 Paralympics with three medals and a world record. American swimmers could also feature prominently in the event, including Paralympic champions Jessica Long and Ian Silverman. And let's not forget Jackie Freney, who won eight gold medals in London. The meet will be held in mid-August in the same pool where the 2005 FINA world championships took place and will be the first time these world championships have taken place in North America.

Olympian Cullen Jones will appear on tomorrow's episode of "The Doctors" talk show in the United States to discuss the Make a Splash initiative to lower the drowning rate of minority children in this country. The show's theme focuses on healthy living, obviously a topic that Make a Splash fits into very well. Check your local listings to find out when the episode will air.