U.S. Masters Swimming
Courtesy of: U.S. Masters Swimming
SARASOTA, Florida, May 6. THOUGH April's Adult Learn-To-Swim month is over, U.S. Masters Swimming is continuing its work to get more people in the water with a 24-hour fundraising drive to help pay for at least 1,000 swimming lessons across the country.

Announced today via its "Streamlines" newsletter, USMS' Swimming Saves Lives Foundation is offering the "2014 Giving Challenge," enticing its 50,000-plus members to give $25 or more at GivingPartnerChallenge.org before noon Eastern time tomorrow. Each $25 donation will pay for one swimming lesson at a swim school affiliated with the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

USMS is one of more than 400 organizations headquartered in south central Florida raising money during the Giving Challenge's special 24-hour campaign. Among the other causes listed on the website include animal care, arts and culture, education and environmental conservation.

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