David Guthrie
Courtesy of: Elizabeth Nowak
AUSTIN, Texas, July 13. ONE day after resetting his own Masters world record in the 200 breast, David Guthrie took a sledgehammer to his 100 breast record today at the Texas senior circuit championships.

Guthrie, 53, started off with a 1:07.48 in prelims today, taking nearly 1.5 seconds off his world record of 1:08.27 in the 50-54 age group. Swimming in the A final with former Texas Longhorn Christian Schurr and future Longhorn Will Licon, Guthrie managed an eighth-place finish with a 1:07.75.

Though the meet is run by USA Swimming, Guthrie requests that such meets also be run under a U.S. Masters Swimming sanction, so he can be eligible to break world records. A Masters swimmer can set national records in any sanctioned meet, but world records must be swum in a meet that holds a sanction from a Masters swimming federation.

How low will Guthrie take the records next month at the U.S. Masters nationals?

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