Michael Phelps
Courtesy of: Master Spas
FORT WAYNE, Indiana, April 16. MICHAEL Phelps has his name on a series of Master Spas products, including several hot tubs and mini-pools featuring a treadmill-like pump to allow for stationary swimming. Perhaps coincidentally, the company released a new commercial today timed with the wave of interest in its star athlete's comeback.

The ad starts with Phelps doing his signature arm stretch, which is imitated by five swimmers of varying ages, in front of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa. Besides showing off the ability to swim at Phelps-like speed in the spa, the commercial highlights the hot tub section of the product before ending with a humorous moment between Phelps and a girl resting on a raft.

Phelps will make his comeback campaign official next week at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, Ariz., 20 months after his last race at the 2012 Olympics.

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