Bob Bowman
Courtesy of: USA Today Sports
FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, July 19. THE American Swimming Coaches Association has released the full list of speakers for their annual world clinic, to be held Sept. 3-8 in New Orleans.

The list of coaches includes the previously announced Bob Bowman and Mike Bottom, as well as top age group, college, Masters and elite coaches from around the world:

Arthur Albiero (University of Louisville)

Scott Bay (Blu Frog Swimming)
Rick Bishop (University of Michigan)
Mike Bottom (University of Michigan)
Bob Bowman (North Baltimore Aquatic Club)
Bill Brenner (U.S. Masters Swimming)
Carol Capitani (University of Texas)
John Davis (2Extreme)
Annette DuVall (Corpus Christi Aquatics)
Guy Edson (ASCA)
Pam Giese
Wayne Goldsmith (Moregold Performance)
Mel Goldstein (U.S. Masters Swimming)
Chris Hadden (United Swim Association)
Steve Haufler (Orinda Country Club)
Rod Havriluk (Swimming Technology Research)
Don Heidary (Orinda Aquatics)
Ron Heidary (Orinda Aquatics)
Graham Hill (South Africa Head Coach)
Charlie Hoolihan
Kris Houchens (Indy SwimFit)
Derek Howorth (Alamo Area Aquatics)
Kevin Kinel (Chesterton High School)
Lori Klatt (ASCA)
Mike Kolebar (Nitro Swimming)
Matt Kredich (University of Tennessee)
Michael Lawrence (Lake Forest Swim Club)
John Leonard (ASCA)
Abi Liu (PEAK Swimming)
Katherine Longwell
Sergio Lopez (The Bolles School)
Craig Lord (SwimVortex)
Shirla Lyons (Point Fortin Community Pool)
David Marsh (SwimMAC Carolina)
Sara McLarty (NTC Masters Swimming)
Jim Miller
Brian Nabeta (Arden Hills Swimming)
Mick Nelson (USA Swimming)
Sue Nelson (USA Swimming)
Julie Nitti (ASCA)
Gregg Parini (Denison University)
Jan Prins
Jim Reiser (Team NCS)
Monika Schloder (University of Calgary)
Joel Shinofield (CSCAA)
Todd Tucker (Pleasanton Seahawks)
Catherine Vogt (Trojan Swim Club)
Chuck Warner (ARETE Aquatic Services)
Randy Wells (Emporia High School)

Clinic registration costs through July 31, 2013:
$400 for current ASCA members
$470 with a new or renewed membership (within US)
$500 with a new or renewed membership (outside US)

Clinic registration costs after August 1, 2013:
$450 for Current ASCA members
$520 with a new or renewed membership (within US)
$550 with a new or renewed membership (outside US)

Registration for the World Clinic is available on-line at and coaches can secure discount prices through the end of July by registering online.
Questions? Contact ASCA at 1-800-356-2722.