Matt McLean at 2013 Arena Grand Prix
Courtesy of: SwimmingWorld.TV
PHOENIX, Arizona, May 16. ARENA has launched their new Powerskin Carbon Pro as part of their evolution in racing suit technology. The Mark 2 was FINA approved in January of 2013. This suit utilizes a revolutionary carbon fiber cage integrated into the woven high-stretch elastomer POWERSKIN fabric.

The Carbon Pro Mark 2 is said to provide intelligent compression that offers maximum muscle support when and where it's needed. The Carbon Cage technology custom molds to fit a swimmer's body, while strategically placed Power Return bonded seams store potential energy and release the power when needed. Mark 2 changes include a strengthened drawstring on the jammer, and less pressure on the shoulders in the women's models.

Swimming World correspondent David Rieder took a few minutes to speak with Olympian Matt McLean at the Charlotte Arena Grand Prix after he tested out the Mark 2. Let's take a look at the footage.

The Mark 2 is on the market. Check out, your local distributor or to get the new suit in your hands. If you are interested in highlighting one of your products contact us at