Dave Durden pitching
Courtesy of: Oakland Athletics/Cal Athletics
OAKLAND, California, April 22. THE members of the NCAA championships men's swimming team from the University of California-Berkeley traveled to Oakland tonight for a special appearance at an Oakland Athletics home baseball game, where head coach Dave Durden threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

The event was a special moment to commemorate the team title won by the Bears last month in Austin, Texas, over the Texas Longhorns. Tonight's game featured the Dallas/Fort Worth-based Texas Rangers, putting a bit of symbolism in the proceedings.

"If the A's are looking for an out-of-shape swim coach with a below average speed and only one pitch, I'm their man," said Durden, the 2014 NCAA Coach of the Meet and Pac-12 Coach of the Year. "It was great that Bob Melvin took the time to come over and congratulate our team, and (A's pitcher) Sonny Gray did a great job of framing my pitch. We were honored to be part of a great tradition."

Following are a sequence of photos featuring Durden preparing for and executing his pitch. It's fitting that as he was as close as he could be to cheer on his swimmers at the NCAA championships, his swimmers stood just off the mound to cheer for Durden in his moment in the sun.

(Photos via Oakland Athletics)