Mountain West Conference
Courtesy of: Mountain West Conference
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, February 19. THIS week, Campus Insiders reached out to Swimming World to make sure three of its college conference championships live streams would be available to our fans.

Here's the Mountain West Conference live streams, coming to you from San Antonio, Texas, from Feb. 19-22.

Swim/Dive Day 1 Finals - Feb 19th

Swim/Dive Day 2 Morning Prelims - Feb 20th

Swim/Dive Day 2 Evening Finals - Feb 20th

Swim/Dive Day 3 Morning Prelims - Feb 21st

Swim/Dive Day 3 Evening Finals - Feb 21st

Swim/Dive Day 4 Morning Prelims - Feb 22nd

Swim/Dive Day 4 Evening Finals - Feb 22nd