Connecticut Principia
The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) is proud to announce the 2013 CSCAA Scholar All-America Teams and Individual Scholar All-Americans supported by Nike.

Founded in 1922, the College Swimming Coaches Association of America is the oldest professional organization of college coaches in America. The CSCAA is dedicated to serving and providing leadership for the advancement of the sport of swimming and diving at the collegiate level.

Team Scholar All America Award

The Team Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimming and diving teams, who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The award is presented twice annually, once in the fall semester/term and in the semester/term of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

Individual Scholar All America Award
The Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimmers and divers, who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher, for the semester or cumulative average, and have qualified for and competed at their respective national championship. The award is presented in the semester of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

The Honorable Mention Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimmers and divers, who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, for the semester or cumulative average, and have achieved a "B" time standard, but have not qualified to compete in their respective national championship. Divers qualify by competing at their respective championship qualifying meets. The award is presented in the semester of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

2013 CSCAA Team Scholar All-America Honorees
The men of Principia posted the highest team average with a 3.74, while Connecticut College had the highest average among women's teams at 3.66.

DIII Women
Connecticut College 3.66
Whitworth University 3.65
Springfield College 3.62
Rhodes College 3.60
Wesleyan University 3.59
Luther College 3.59
Emory University 3.58
Saint Vincent College 3.57
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.57
Hope College 3.56
The College of New Jersey 3.56
Vassar College 3.56
Colorado College 3.55
Nazareth College 3.55
Messiah College 3.54
Western New England University 3.54
St. Catherine University 3.53
Washington and Lee University 3.51
Ithaca College 3.50
MIT 3.50
Smith College 3.50
Carthage College 3.49
Clark University 3.48
Southwestern University 3.48
Widener University 3.48
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 3.47
Grinnell College 3.45
New York University 3.45
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 3.44
Kenyon College 3.44
Tufts University 3.44
Case Western Reserve University 3.43
SUNY Fredonia 3.43
Washington University in St. Louis 3.43
Lycoming College 3.41
University of New England 3.41
DePauw University 3.41
Skidmore College 3.41
SUNY Oswego 3.41
Trinity College 3.41
King's College 3.40
Brandeis University 3.40
University of Chicago 3.40
Albion College 3.39
Hamilton College 3.39
SUNY Buffalo State 3.39
Susquehanna University 3.39
McDaniel College 3.38
Notre Dame of Maryland University 3.38
Whitman College 3.38
Oberlin College 3.38
Wellesley College 3.38
Wheaton College IL 3.38
Juniata College 3.37
Mills College 3.37
Carleton College 3.37
University of Puget Sound 3.37
Calvin College 3.36
University of Mount Union 3.36
Carnegie Mellon University 3.35
University of Rochester 3.35
University of St. Thomas 3.35
Gustavus Adolphus College 3.34
Illinois Wesleyan University 3.34
Macalester College 3.34
SUNY Geneseo 3.34
Trinity University 3.34
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 3.34
North Central College 3.33
Rowan University 3.33
Austin College 3.32
Mount Holyoke College 3.32
Williams College 3.32
Alfred University 3.31
Olivet College 3.31
Simmons College 3.31
Sweet Briar College 3.30
Whittier College Swimming 3.30
Franklin & Marshall College 3.29
Ohio Northern University 3.29
Washington College 3.29
Alma College 3.28
Chatham University 3.28
Elms College 3.27
Lewis & Clark College 3.27
Stevens Institute of Technology 3.27
SUNY New Paltz 3.27
Johns Hopkins University 3.27
Beloit College 3.26
Concordia College 3.26
Principia College 3.26
The College of Wooster 3.26
Westminster College 3.26
Allegheny College 3.25
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3.25
University of La Verne 3.25
Sewanee University 3.24
Grove City College 3.24
Willamette University 3.24
College of Saint Benedict 3.23
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater 3.23
Bates College 3.22
Occidental College 3.22
Dickinson College 3.21
Pacific Lutheran University 3.21
Hiram College 3.21
Regis College 3.21
Augustana College 3.20
Salisbury University 3.19
Hendrix College 3.19
Wittenberg University 3.19
Drew University 3.18
St. Mary's College of Maryland 3.18
Washington & Jefferson College 3.18
Denison University 3.17
Westfield State University 3.17
SUNY Oneonta 3.16
Hollins University 3.14
Saint Joseph's College of Maine 3.14
Lake Forest College 3.13
University of Minnesota Morris 3.13
Wheaton College (MA) 3.13
Albright College 3.12
York College of PA 3.12
Goucher College 3.11
Penn State Behrend 3.11
University of Mary Washington 3.11
SUNY Cortland 3.10
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 3.07
Eastern Connecticut State University 3.06
Hartwick College 3.06
Hood College 3.05
Roger Williams University 3.04
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 3.04
Bethany College 3.02

Principia College 3.74
Rhodes College 3.57
Vassar College 3.56
Clark University 3.53
Emory University 3.53
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 3.53
MIT 3.49
New York University 3.48
Washington and Lee University 3.45
Colorado College 3.42
Sewanee University 3.40
University of St. Thomas 3.39
Williams College 3.38
Wesleyan University 3.38
Skidmore College 3.36
Washington University in St. Louis 3.36
Kalamazoo College 3.33
Stevens Institute of Technology 3.32
Whitman College 3.31
Drew University 3.31
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 3.30
Hamilton College 3.30
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3.30
Whitworth University 3.30
Saint Vincent College 3.28
Wabash College 3.28
Grinnell College 3.27
Bates College 3.26
Brandeis University 3.26
Ohio Northern University 3.26
Tufts University 3.26
SUNY Buffalo State 3.25
Allegheny College 3.24
Carleton College 3.24
Case Western Reserve University 3.24
Connecticut College 3.23
Kenyon College 3.23
Dickinson College 3.22
Carnegie Mellon University 3.22
Ithaca College 3.22
Macalester College 3.22
Wheaton College IL 3.22
Trinity University 3.21
Westminster College 3.21
Johns Hopkins University 3.20
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 3.20
DePauw University 3.19
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 3.18
Occidental College 3.17
University of Puget Sound 3.17
Elms College 3.16
Alfred University 3.16
Oberlin College 3.15
Springfield College 3.15
University of Chicago 3.15
Washington & Jefferson College 3.15
Augustana College 3.14
The College of New Jersey 3.12
Hiram College 3.11
Lewis & Clark College 3.09
Beloit College 3.09
Nazareth College 3.09
SUNY Geneseo 3.09
SUNY Oswego 3.08
SUNY New Paltz 3.06
Gustavus Adolphus College 3.06
University of Mount Union 3.06
Olivet College 3.05
Simpson College 3.05
Hendrix College 3.03
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 3.03
Salisbury University 3.03
Wheaton College (MA) 3.03
Messiah College 3.01
Alma College 3.01
Trinity College 3.01
Austin College 3.00
Washington College 3.00

CSCAA NCAA Division III Women's Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American First Team:
Amherst College Lauren Belak
Amherst College Lizzy Linsmayer
Amherst College Emily Swett
Amherst College Maddy Sprung-Keyser
Amherst College Stephanie Ternullo
Amherst College Nicole Heise
Calvin College Rachel Colasurdo
Calvin College Kristy Kinzer
Carleton College Sophie Pilhofer
Carthage College Michelle Hance
Carthage College Kelly Loftus
Case Western Reserve University Maggie Dillione
Connecticut College Julia Pielock
Denison University Kelly Frazier
Denison University Alyssa Swanson
Denison University Claire Van Fossen
Denison University Janet Watson
Denison University Lindsay Zeberlein
DePauw University Nicole Rossillo
DePauw University Erin Horne
DePauw University Emily Weber
DePauw University Caroline Bridges
Emory University Elizabeth Aronoff
Emory University Anna Dobben
Emory University Sarah Greene
Emory University Taryn Lushinsky
Emory University Kylie Mckenzie
Emory University Mia Michalak
Emory University Sadie Nennig
Emory University Mckenna Newsum-Schoenberg
Emory University Renee Rosenkranz
Emory University Ann Wolber
Emory University Brooke Woodward
Emory University Michelle York
Emory University Nina Zook
Grove City College Angela Palumbo
Gustavus Adolphus College Sarah Hund
Gustavus Adolphus College Catherine Olson
Gustavus Adolphus College Alissa Tinklenberg
Hope College Libby Westrate
Hope College Hannha Larson
Hope College Klare Northuis
Illinois Wesleyan University Katherine McHugh
Ithaca College Carly Jones
Ithaca College Matt Morrison
Johns Hopkins Cristina Cusumano
Johns Hopkins Eleanor Gardner
Johns Hopkins Taylor Kitayama
Johns Hopkins Alexandra Ladd
Johns Hopkins Sean McGrath
Johns Hopkins Sarah Rinsma
Kenyon College Kiersten Bell
Kenyon College Anna Connolly
Kenyon College Hannah Cooper
Kenyon College Kathryn Haller
Kenyon College Syd Lindblom
Kenyon College Celia Oberholzer
Kenyon College Hannah Saiz
Kenyon College Mariah Williamson
Lake Forest College Becky Shaak
Luther College Clare Slagel
MIT MIchelle Cunningham
MIT Kristen Finney
MIT Elina Hu
MIT Anna Kokensparger
MIT Christy Rogers
MIT Katelyn Rossick
MIT Katie Siegel
MIT Kate Yu
MIT Emmie Ryan
Nazareth College Carissa Risucci
Sewanee University Sara Neil
Springfield College Jennifer Thompson
Springfield College Kellie Pennington
Springfield College Callie Phillips
Springfield College Amanda Shaw
Springfield College Kelsey Poole
Springfield College Ashleigh Monroe
SUNY Fredonia Sarah Ficarro
SUNY Geneseo Elyssa Max
SUNY Geneseo Molly Carney
SUNY Geneseo Lily Powell
SUNY Geneseo Corinne Vairo
SUNY Geneseo Kaitlin Wilcoxen
SUNY New Paltz Chelsea Allocco
The College of New Jersey Kayleigh Shangle
The College of New Jersey Danica Roskos
The College of New Jersey Sabrina Lucchesi
The College of Wooster Katherine Hunt
Trinity University Ruth Hahn
Trinity University Ashley Heline
Trinity University Katie Sheldon
Tufts University Christine Garvey
Tufts University Kathryn Coniglio
Tufts University Samantha Sliwinski
Tufts University Elizabeth Grainger
University of Chicago Karen Chu
University of Chicago Jenna Harris
University of Chicago Ciara Hu
University of Chicago Kathleen Taylor
University Of La Verne Madeline Lovrensky
University of Mary Washington Hannah Hagy
University of Mary Washington Hannah Hagy
University of Puget Sound Tracy Wormwood
University of St. Thomas Emily Punyko
University of St. Thomas Mariann Kukielka
University of St.Thomas Wendy Consoer
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Sierra Becker
Washington University in St. Louis Kristalyn McAfee
Washington University in St. Louis Grace Counts
Washington University in St. Louis Sara Taege
Washington University in St. Louis Anh Chi Pham
Washington University in St. Louis Allison Siegel
Wellesley College Hayley Goydan
Wheaton College IL Kathryn Cialkowski
Wheaton College IL Sarah Coley
Wheaton College IL Carlie Herich
Wheaton College IL Kirsten Nitz
Wheaton College IL Jamie Walitsch
Wheaton College IL Marcella Wennlund
Whitman College Claire Collins
Williams College Michelle Higgins
Williams College Alyssa Levine
Williams College rebecca maher
Williams College emma Nuzzo
Williams College catherine treesh
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Veronika Nikolaki
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Veronika Nikolaki
Johns Hopkins Ana Bogdanovski
Occidental College Emily Watkins
Stevens Institute of Technology Marissa Douglas
Stevens Institute of Technology Louise Moores

CSCAA NCAA Division III Men's Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American First Team:
Amherst College Connor Sholtis
Amherst College Colin White
Amherst College Conor Deveney
Amherst College Nick Egan
Amherst College Nick Egan
Amherst College Tyler Bulakul
Carleton College Erik Klontz
Carthage College Teryn Solan
Carthage College Teryn Solan
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Cameron Whiting
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Patrick Shultz
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps James Stevick
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Bradley Perfect
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Jordan Lieberman
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Devin Bowers
Denison University Spencer Fronk
Denison University Carlos Maciel
Denison University Andrew Rich
Denison University Conrad Wuorinen
denison university Spencer Fronk
Denison University Maciel Carlos
Denison University Andrew Rich
Denison University Allen Weik
Denison University Conrad Wuorinen
Depauw University Casey Hooker
DePauw Unversity Alex Alfonso
DePauw Unversity Jack Burgeson
DePauw Unversity Matt Kukurugya
DePauw Unversity Robby Spichiger
Emory University Ryan Bass
Emory University Justin Beegle
Emory University Stephen Czaja
Emory University James Alexander Douglas
Emory University Matt Kuhlik
Emory University Peter O'Brien
Emory University Jeff Simpson
Emory University Jake Stephens
Emory University Richard Upton
Emory University Andrew Wilson
Hartwick College Cody Cupit
Hartwick College Bradley Ranson
Ithaca College Zach Kundel
Ithaca College Martin Brown
Ithaca College Zachary Kundel
Ithaca College Peter Knight
Ithaca College Jake Robbins
Ithaca College Jake Lichter
Kalamazoo College Alex Armstrong
Kalamazoo College Tyler Benmark
Kalamazoo College Will Guedes
Kalamazoo College Jacob Lindquist
Kalamazoo College Elliot Littman
Kalamazoo College Dylan Shearer
Kenyon College Alex Beckwith
Kenyon College James Chapman
Kenyon College Andrew Chevalier
Kenyon College Ryan Funk
Kenyon College Percy Gates
Kenyon College Joseph Guilfoyle
Kenyon College Kevin Magee
Kenyon College Mark Newell
Kenyon College Curtis Ramsey
Kenyon College Ian Richardson
Kenyon College Ian Stewart-Bates
McDaniel College Brad Brooks
MIT Ben Bauchwitz
MIT Tony Chen
MIT Craig Cheney
MIT Brendon Chiu
MIT Brendan Deveney
MIT Brad Jokubaitis
MIT Remy Mock
MIT Thomas Norris
MIT Kale Rogers
MIT Luke Schlueter
MIT Wyatt Ubellacker
Ohio Northern University Jordan Breitigam
Ohio Northern University Andrew Keriazes
Ohio Northern University Marc Anderson
Ohio Wesleyan University Jessica Ward
Penn State Behrend Dan Simon
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Orion Martin
Sewanee University Brian Glatt
Sewanee University Phillip Link
Springfield College Kenny Pancoast
Stevens Institute of Technology Alexander Benham
Stevens Institute of Technology Tyler Hessler
Stevens Institute of Technology John Hu
Stevens Institute of Technology Simas Jarasunas
Stevens Institute of Technology Daniel Munt
Stevens Institute of Technology Tomasz Wolinski
Susquehanna University Chadd Lee
The College of New Jersey Philip Hawley
The College of New Jersey William Kasper
The College of New Jersey Adam Schneider
The College of New Jersey Stephen Tarnowski
Tufts University Johann Schmidt
Tufts University Christian Jones
United States Merchant Marine Academy Alvaro Brice
University of Chicago Andrew Angeles
University of Chicago Eric Hallman
University of Chicago Matthew Veldman
University of Chicago Matthew Staab
University of Mary Washington Peter Slattery
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Ben Wynn
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Kelsey Kohlbeck
Washington and Lee University Wayde Marsh
Washington and Lee University Richard Sykes
Whitman College Karl Mering
Williams College Rohan Bhatt
Williams College Christian Gronbeck
Williams College Jacob Tamposi
Williams College Chris Weihs

CSCAA NCAA Division III Women's Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American Honorable Mention:
Albion College Julie Okorn
Albion College Anna Hargrove
Alma College Miranda Anderson
Amherst College Audrey Ingerson
Amherst College Allison Merz
Amherst College Annie Glancy
Amherst College Catherine Maguire
Bates College Catherine Sparks
Bates College Gabrielle Sergi
Bates College Whitney Paine
Birmingham-Southern College Hannah Busk
Calvin College Kathryn Wrobel
Carleton College Erin McDuffie
Carnegie Mellon University Breanna Stillo
Carnegie Mellon University Megan Garvey
Carnegie Mellon University Tatiana Duchak
Carnegie Mellon University Kira Singhaus
Carnegie Mellon University Corrine Bacigal
Carthage College Elizabeth Olson
Case Western Reserve University Sara Tillie
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Kristen Howard
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps MacKenzie Leake
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Helen Liu
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Louisa Dunwiddie
College of Saint Benedict Stephanie Bierman
Colorado College Nicole Fazio
Colorado College Olivia Dilorati
Colorado College Meghan Gillespie
Connecticut College Esther Mehesz
Connecticut College Sarah Lauridsen
Connecticut College Mackenzie Lilly
Connecticut College Samantha Pierce
Denison University Emily Eiben
Denison University Krysta Garbarino
Denison University Lilla Grisham
Denison University Cari Martin
DePauw University Courtney Lehmann
Emory University Carolyn Bonfield
Emory University Carolyn Bonfield
Emory University Annabel Enquist
Emory University Megan Freeman
Emory University Suzanne Lemberg
Emory University Jackie Schneider
Emory University Ellie Thompson
Grinnell College Allison Miller
Grove City College Amy Melnik
Hartwick College Clare Nelson
Hendrix College Bayley Krell
Ithaca College Kylie Bangs
Ithaca College Megan Buisman
Ithaca College Elizabeth Gawrys
Kalamazoo College Lauren Seroka
Kenyon College Alyssa LaFrenierre
Lake Forest College Sam Gardner
Lake Forest College Kelsie Miller
Lake Forest College Sarah Pekar
Luther College Alexandra Scharmer
Luther College Katie Blocker
Luther College Zoe Johnson
MIT Jane He
MIT Taylor Pearl
MIT Jessica Wass
Montclair State University Julie Hansen
New York University Emily Doerner
New York University Savanna Keator
New York University Claire Stephens
Ohio Northern University Lindsey Rayhill
Penn State Behrend Meghan Wade
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Madeleine DeMeules
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Charlotte Dohrn
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Vicky Gyorffy
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Mia Hahn
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Alexandra Lincoln
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Gailyn Portelance
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Johanna Rayl
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Hannah Robertson
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Sarah Tuggy
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Lexi Davis
Saint Vincent College Alyssa Taylor
Saint Vincent College Paige Pecora
Saint Vincent College Katelyn Custer
Springfield College Nicole Stracqualursi
Springfield College Melanie Avdoulos
Springfield College Kyra Breitweiser
Springfield College Paige Rhodes
St. Catherine University Steffanie Jurusik
St. Catherine University Alivia Bavier
St. Mary's College of Maryland Kelly Heyde
Stevens Institute of Technology Megan Lisbon
SUNY Cortland Michaela Auer
SUNY Cortland Jessica Evans
SUNY Cortland MaryKatherine Dugue
SUNY Fredonia Emily Ginty
SUNY Geneseo Emily Wanamaker
The College of New Jersey Ashley Conroy
The College of New Jersey Brennah Ross
The College of New Jersey Nicole Muha
The College of New Jersey Maria Ciaralli
The College of New Jersey Jenny Zavoda
The College of Wooster Morgan Hughes
Trinity College Emily Johnson
Trinity University Melanie Gustafson
Trinity University Jennifer Ince
Trinity University Madison Kahler
Trinity University Ana Price
Trinity University Leah Selznick
University of Chicago Jennifer Hill
University of Chicago Andrea McPike
University of Chicago Hannah Loek
University of Chicago Tatum Stewart
University of Chicago Vivian Yuen
University of Chicago Rebecca Schmidt
University of Mount Union Courtney Gabel
University of Puget Sound Ann Barrington
University of Puget Sound Jessica Jaynes
University of Puget Sound Melissa Norrish
University of Rochester Lauren Bailey
University of Rochester Karen Meess
University of Rochester Sara Spielman
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Lauren Lanphere
Washington University in St. Louis Grace Murray
Washington University in St. Louis Hannah Lillioja
Washington University in St. Louis Amanda Stadermann
Wesleyan University Roxy Capron
Wesleyan University Cara Colker-Eybel
Wesleyan University Rachel Hirsch
Wesleyan University Alyssa Savarino
Wesleyan University Angela Slevin
Westminster College Amanda Marlow
Wheaton College IL Sarah Hunt
Wheaton College IL Sarah Hunt
Whitman College Genay Pilarowski
Whitworth University Bridget Louis
Whitworth University Katherine Duvall
Whitworth University Hannah Norris
Whitworth University Kori Carpenter
Whitworth University Alisa Stang
Williams College Erica Bucki
Wittenberg University Sarah Wilson
Wittenberg University Ward McNulty

CSCAA NCAA Division III Men's Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American Honorable Mention:
Albion College Brad Melpolder
Albright College Ralph Porrazzo
Amherst College Audrey Ingerson
Amherst College Brandon Brown
Amherst College Ben Grimes
Amherst College Alex Kang
Bates College Matthew Gagne
Bates College Andrew Briggs
Bates College Nicholas Karlson
Bates College Matt Johns
Bates College Venkatesh Duvvuri
Calvin College Johnson Cochran
Carnegie Mellon University Christopher Wysocki
Carnegie Mellon University Austin Bohn
Carnegie Mellon University Phillip Farr
Carnegie Mellon University Steven Geier
Carnegie Mellon University David Campbell
Case Western Reserve University Caleb Allen
Case Western Reserve University Gus Bailey
Case Western Reserve University Andrew Bollinger
Case Western Reserve University Eric Haufler
Case Western Reserve University Elliott Kerbel
Case Western Reserve University Daniel Jacobson
Connecticut College Cameron Johnson
Denison University Eric Fischer
Denison University Eric Fischer
DePauw Unversity Joseph Hessburgh
Emory University Darrell Eacret
Emory University John Galvin
Emory University Matt O'Brien
Emory University Eric Ruggieri
Emory University Matt Wu
Grinnell College Daniel Goldstein
Grinnell College Beck Ringdahl Mayland
Grinnell College Manu Spooner
Grove City College Eric Fairchild
Gustavus Adolphus College Ross Larson
Gustavus Adolphus College Jacob Stern
Ithaca College John Carr
Ithaca College Clement Towner
Johns Hopkins Gregory Kogut
Kalamazoo College Kevin Ewing
Kalamazoo College Tyler Fisher
Kenyon College Jacob Hegge
Kenyon College Xavier Pugliese
Lake Forest College Alex Marks
Lake Forest Collegfe Garr Punnett
MIT Maxwell Pruner
MIT Ron Rosenberg
MIT Tim Wall
Montclair State University Zakarias Westerberg
Oberlin College Chris McLaughlan
Penn State Behrend Clay Altemose
Penn State Behrend Everett Sargent
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Paul Hintz
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Matthew King
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Matthew Ross
Springfield College Nolan Manley
Springfield College John Vatkevich
Springfield College Padraic Smith
Stevens Institute of Technology Ravi Sun
Stevens Institute of Technology Joseph Huyett
Stevens Institute of Technology Derek Smith
SUNY Geneseo Brandon Piefer
The College of New Jersey Matthew Peveler
The College of New Jersey Matt VanBiervliet
Trinity University Stephen Culberson
Tufts University Kyle Savage
Tufts University Anthony DeBenedetto
Tufts University Eric Douglas
United States Merchant Marine Academy Christopher Scott
University of Chicago Brian Weisbecker
University of Chicago Kevin Steffes
University of Mount Union Hayden Birnbrich
University of Mount Union Michael Zappa
University of Mount Union Brian Ruhe
University of Puget Sound Teale Kitson
University of Puget Sound Aleksandar Jeremikj
University of Rochester Adam Bossert
University of Rochester Chris Doser
University of Rochester James Frauen
University of Rochester Elliott Lasher
Wabash College Josh Bleisch
Wabash College Aaron Troyer
Washington College Greg Lee
Washington College Eric Burcin
Washington University in St. Louis Kaisen Yao
Washington University in St. Louis Brian Carpenter
Washington University in St. Louis Alex Cox
Westminster College Alan Nedley
Whittier College Filip Dajkovich
Whitworth University Wesley Tatum
Williams College Erica Bucki
Williams College Chris Corbett
Williams College Adrien Downey
Williams College Peter McDonald
Williams College Seth Montgomery
Williams College Jon Yin

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