Squat demonstration
Courtesy of: SwimmingWorld.TV
PHOENIX, Arizona, June 26. IS there one proper technique for squat exercises? Some athletes can squat to the floor with no pelvic motion, while others have their 'butt wink' or low back move early in the movement.

Having the athletes determine when their pelvis moves is important for preventing low back stress and injury. Dr. G. John Mullen has seen athletes perform squats in varying ways, and rarely take into consideration the action of the hip and pelvis motion during the squat.

Directions: Have each athlete place their index finger on the front and their thumb on the back of their pelvis. Next, have them perform a squat and note when their hands are 'tipping back' or feel any motion in the spine. Instruct each swimmer to squat until their pelvis begins to move, but attempting to go deeper each time.