2013worldsspeedo Katie Ledecky
Courtesy of: Joan Marc Bosch
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, September 26. THE fourth and final part of Bruce Gemmell's speech at the American Swim Coaches Association's world clinic this month focuses on the final phase of Katie Ledecky's training for the world championships.

Gemmell talks about the rest periods he gave Ledecky at the Grand Prix meet in Mesa, where she showed some promise in the 200 freestyle -- and improvement in her underwater kicking. While not happy with the way he rested Ledecky for nationals, he was able to turn things around for Barcelona, where Ledecky won four gold medals and set world records in the 800 and 1500 freestyles.

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If you liked this lead-in, ASCA will soon have posted on its "ASCA TV" channel the entire 60-minute presentation at a small fee. Check swimmingcoach.org for more information.